My Play List

September 29, 2007

Happy Weekend Everyone!!! 

Hope you all plan on having a great weekend. To make your day a tit bit brighter (as if it isn’t bright enough), I decided to share my play list with you. It’s an eccentric and somewhat random list that has a character of its own so do not expect the expected 

Here we go: 

Grace Kelly – Mika

I’m so Hood – DJ Khaled

Me & Mr. Jones – Amy Winehouse

Mr. Fresh – Corey Guns

Alfie – Lily Allen

Hello Goodbye – The Beatles

1234 – Feist

The Rest of your life – Frank Sinatra

Smile – Lily Allen

Ex Factor – Lauren Hill

Stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before – Mark Ronson

Bed – J. Holiday

Potential Breakup Song – Aly and AJ

International Players Anthem – UGK feat. Outkast

Amazing Grace – Movado

Shooter – Lil’ Wayne & Robin Thicke  

When you get a chance download 1 or 2 or all of these songs (Legally of course; Planet earth forbids otherwise) and take a listen. It’s a fun collection. Enjoy!


Baby Steps to Civilization

September 28, 2007

09/28/07 Soundtrack – 1234 by Feist (It’s my new fave) 

Instead of the usual rant about how corrupt our leaders are, I want to share an article (from 09/27) that strengthens my faith in our present state and gives me hope for the future. Change needs to be gradual in order to meet a good end. Some say Rome wasn’t built in a day, I say Rome still isn’t complete. Awareness is key to change. Be aware and perhaps you too might want to share your views on this…your comments are always welcome.

UK targets Nigeria’s stolen loot

Britain has returned to Nigeria some of the money seized by London police from the former governor of Plateau State and says more seized money will follow. Joshua Dariye was arrested in London in 2004 but skipped bail to return home. The Acting British High Commissioner to Nigeria, James Tansley, handed over two cheques totalling more than $250,000 (£126,000, 29.3m naira). Successive Nigerian leaders have made tackling graft a top priority, but few senior officials have been convicted. The Metropolitan Police say it is only a fraction of the fortune that Mr Dariye and other Nigerian officials had diverted to London. A Metropolitan police spokeswoman, Helen Kennedy, told the BBC News website “the two cheques now returned to Nigeria are just the cash seized from Dariye on his arrest”. A further $2.8m of his assets have been frozen by court order and are awaiting repatriation to Nigeria.In all, Mr Dariye faces charges of stealing some $128m from Plateau State during his tenure as governor from 1997-2007. His official earnings were only $80,000 a year, yet police in London say he accumulated property and assets worth millions, much of it from state funds which were intended to provide drinking water to villages.

Greedy governors

London‘s Metropolitan Police, working with Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), have also been investigating other former Nigerian state governors, including James Ibori (Delta) and Diepreye Alamieyeseigha (Bayelsa). The police say they have secured court orders to freeze assets in excess of $70m proven to be the proceeds of crime. Lawyers acting for Nigeria can recover the stolen monies through civil actions. One cheque for $2m belonging to Mr Alamieyeseigha has already been returned to Nigeria. The former Bayelsa governor pleaded guilty to corruption charges in Nigeria and was sentenced to two years in prison, but was released within hours because of time served.

Accomplice jailed

An alleged credit card fraud in January 2004 sparked the UK investigation. The trail led to Mr Dariye and police discovered that vast sums of government money had been diverted into several British bank accounts to purchase expensive property in London under false names. His accomplice, Joyce Oyebanjo, who Mr Dariye made a guardian of his children, was convicted in April 2007 of using numerous accounts in her own name to launder large sums of money. Ms Oyebanjo is currently serving a three-year prison sentence in the UK and has until June 2008 to refund to Nigeria a further $400,000 or her sentence will be extended by a further 2.5 years. Hers was the first successful conviction achieved by a specialist unit known as the International Corruption Group, specifically created to investigate the laundering of criminal funds in London by corrupt overseas officials and part-funded by the Department of International Development. At the time of Ms Oyebanjo’s conviction, the UK’s International Development Secretary Hilary Benn pledged, “This money has been seized and now should be returned to the Nigerian people.” All three former governors meanwhile remain wanted men in London where the criminal investigations are continuing.

Abeg Jare

September 27, 2007

Give me a freaking break! Enough with the air kissing, glossy lips, the hair, the nails, the rented cars, ridiculously expensive shoes and assumed fabulous lifestyle. One can get sucked into the glamour of it all… the lights-camera-action (thanks to digcam, help create. It is easy to forget a life of bills and responsibilities at a swipe of your all access IN: NYC amex (any credit card will do). Being the babe of the week poses no difficulty, as she can to throw the flyest party (anything is possible with kishi). Even the most annoying person is sure to have guests…face it, its NY and people are ever ready to party on another’s expense (any faji will find a crowd).  Omoges want to show how picture perfect life is…and by picture perfect I don’t mean rosy. Even the drama has to be picture perfect and when it isn’t, it is conveniently re-enacted.  

Where is the substance, the raw depth, the ugly, grimy and sometimes irritating side of TRUE life? I want to see that! If you feel that you really need to share your life with the public eye, then you might as well hold nothing back. Having said, please don’t come sharing your issues with me (talk to Jesus instead)…to each his/her own. 


September 26, 2007

Yesterday I decided to browse through Nigeria Guardian News and I came across this article. Okay, let me say that I was a little confused. Is it that naija is years behind in terms of medical discoveries. I thought everyone knew about this…..maybe not (see excerpts of the article, and my comments below) 

Experts link diabetes to fast foods, carbonated drinks By Chukwuma Muanya

A FRESH claim has been raised by Nigerian endocrinologists over the dangers posed to the health of Nigerians by “fast foods” and carbonated drinks. The food items, they said are causing more children and young persons to develop Type 2 diabetes.

(ya think?) 

Speaking with The Guardian at the weekend, President of NSEM, Prof. Augustine Ifedaye Ohwovoriole, declared that diabetes kills more people than the Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and therefore urged the Federal Government to declare a national emergency on the disease and incorporate it into the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).

(and what exactly is the Federal Govt doing about AIDS right now?) 

The NSEM president said: “We are calling for an outright ban on fast foods and soft drinks. Most refined foods are not good enough. Processed foods are bad, whether it comes as soft drinks, biscuits, meat pie, cakes, fast foods and so on. They are not good. The most worrying one is when we expose our children to this kind of food, it continues to perpetuate itself. They lead to obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, hypertension, and kidney problems.

(a bit extreme don’t you think? How many people buy fast food on the regular? I don’t think naija has reached that stage quite yet. How about educating the olowos on not spoiling their kids with goodies?)  

How to fight fast foods and soft drinks is a big challenge. Some states in the United States have banned fast foods because they found out this is not good enough. What this means is that either at home or at work, measures must be put in place to have good food. If you want children to eat well then provide good food for them at school. I am sure a lot of parents would not mind paying for that. Let us stay on traditional food. You do not have to make it too expensive.

(why most we reference the US in everything. Nigeria’s fast food situation is nothing – and I repeat – nothing compared to that of the US. How many Nigerian Schools (public and private) have vending machines in the cafeteria?) 

For the complete article check out (I found it difficult to navigate the archives so good luck)


September 25, 2007

Certain principles guide our lives. Most times these principles come from tradition – what we as humans have accepted as true. Sometimes we need somewhat more than is given to us. At these times we look to others and try to understand what they did right (or wrong) so we can better navigate our lives.  However not everyone knows how to discern right from wrong…or learn from mistakes. How can I tell if a certain action, or series of actions caused a certain catastrophe? Sometimes what we think is best/wrong may not be the best/wrong option afterall. These mysteries are probably what makes life as complicated as it is but at the same time as simple –  for it is only when we get wrapped up in solving the mysteries of the universe that we cause more headaches for ourselves…..right? I think the treasures of the world are within each individual, and it is only when we are not preoccupied with the unnecessary that these treasures manifest.

So I figure I’d share a quote, that may or may not have anything to do with today’s topic (its my blog so I do as I please ;p) : “Its not a matter of whether or not someone’s watching over you. Its a question of their intentions.” – Randy K. Milholland

Have a lovely day!


September 24, 2007

At about 11:39am this morning, I figured out why Papyrus is such a preppy stationary store. It is because of the seal (how old English of them)! They have a really cute seal that is meant for the card envelopeJ. I had gotten a card from there and didn’t see seal in the paper bag. Bottom line, I didn’t use the seal, only to discover it much later. It was so cute that I couldn’t throw it out. So I placed it on the cover of my note pad.

I actually like the store. They have unique cards and I like that most of the cards are blank within so you can personalize and make them yours. Speaking of cards, I think I should get my friends cards to show my appreciation. They probably take crap from me …as I am a bit of a crook (in a good way). I am not that nice a person, despite my façade which can be very deceiving….Funny thing is, I actually make an attempt to let people know I’m not nice, as if doing this justifies my nastiness (tut tut). But I’m really not that bad, just a bit complicated – this, my true friends know.

So here’s to my friends, my honey suckles, chai lattes & pumpkin sweets, thank you for letting me be me and when Papyrus is having a huge sale (‘cause $5.36 for a card is just insane), I’d get you all awesome cards and draw smiley hearts all over J ….

Don’t you just hate it…

September 24, 2007

…when you think you have something all planned out and someone or something comes along and messes up your plan. Its even more annoying when you thought your plan was on point.

So I’m prepping for this exam scheduled for december and I registered for a prep course that was supposed to start in a couple of days…Its about 10am Friday morning in LA and I see that I have a voice message. Its my prep course people telling me that my course had been cancelled and they would refund my payment to my credit card.

At this point I am like, “I DON’T WANT A FRIGGIN REFUND”. I just want my course. I had planned everything around this course…I had made my study calender around it. All this while I had told myself that when I got back to NY from Cali I’d be ready for my prep classes…it sucks!

“Man proposes,God disposes” abi? I guess this is the perfect example. I guess my question is why did God dispose of my plan? Does he think I can do this on my own without a prep course?…my dilemma 😦