small world

This world is too small! I hear me mutter these words over and over again. I hear it even now in my head. It’s so funny how I can find a connection between people that you’d have never thought had a connection. Am I making sense? Regardless of whether I am, my sentiment on how small this world is should be evident. Maybe it’s not the world, maybe it’s my community, people I know, hear about, see pictures of….maybe it’s my peer group…might be generation Y. Whatever it is, I have come up with the perfect plan; an escape! Escape from this madness of familiarity and run far far away (I’d probably find Shrek on the way). AHA Siberia! Who dares find me there? But, who the heck is looking for me to begin with?

I probably take myself too seriously for someone whose role is minute on earth. I speak as if the world would collapse if I choose to vamoose from sight today. Instead of placing so much emphasis on me and my quest for extraordinary uniqueness maybe I should find the good in this small world and take advantage of what it has to offer. 

~ edede


One Response to small world

  1. Edede's sister says:

    Na wa o! Oya keep writing

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