Think for a second

Like any other Nigerian who is disturbed by the disparity between the rich and the poor in motherland, I have decided that I will do something and make a difference in our beloved country. Even if I worked with charity organizations at some point in my life, I wouldn’t call myself your ideal kumbaya-lets-hold-hands-and-make-a-difference type person. Granted, I am a strong advocate of teaching people how to make a living for themselves but as much as I try to be descent and selfless, I find myself asking that age old –and rather selfish- question, WHAT IS IN IT FOR ME? Now, now, before you get all, I-can’t-believe-her on me, hear me out. If doing what you like can generate some income and at the same time enhance your community, why not; Right? One thing I’m not interested in is investing in malls and large apartments if only “the” select few would enjoy its luxuries….

A good friend of mine came up with a good argument. To quote him, “What is wrong in investing in a mall and using the proceeds from your investment to sponsor a charity? That way you are taking from the affluent that utilize the malls and giving to those that don’t have basic needs for survival. See it as redistribution of wealth”.

Good point, however, when I speak of enhancing my community, I speak in terms of educating the youth, providing jobs, keeping them occupied with something they can take pride in. In essence helping people help themselves. It is often said that those who don’t work for money are the ones who spend it carelessly…

So what is in it for me? I’d state the possibilities of what I (and you too) stand to gain –

1)      A safer country – less rogues on the streets, less traffic robberies

2)      Better economy – more jobs = more people earning money = higher per capita income

3)      Better people – who understand hard work and the value that comes with it

4)      A bright future – a future generation that don’t to live with the 419 stigma

5)      Endless possibilities – tourism, foreign investments, joint economies

6)      Profit for me – selfish I know but whatever jare

My people just take a second to see things from my point of view. Whether or not you agree with me is irrelevant. My goal is to spark your thoughts into thinking about how we as a people can make a difference in the country that we all love.  


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