Don’t you just hate it…

…when you think you have something all planned out and someone or something comes along and messes up your plan. Its even more annoying when you thought your plan was on point.

So I’m prepping for this exam scheduled for december and I registered for a prep course that was supposed to start in a couple of days…Its about 10am Friday morning in LA and I see that I have a voice message. Its my prep course people telling me that my course had been cancelled and they would refund my payment to my credit card.

At this point I am like, “I DON’T WANT A FRIGGIN REFUND”. I just want my course. I had planned everything around this course…I had made my study calender around it. All this while I had told myself that when I got back to NY from Cali I’d be ready for my prep classes…it sucks!

“Man proposes,God disposes” abi? I guess this is the perfect example. I guess my question is why did God dispose of my plan? Does he think I can do this on my own without a prep course?…my dilemma 😦


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