At about 11:39am this morning, I figured out why Papyrus is such a preppy stationary store. It is because of the seal (how old English of them)! They have a really cute seal that is meant for the card envelopeJ. I had gotten a card from there and didn’t see seal in the paper bag. Bottom line, I didn’t use the seal, only to discover it much later. It was so cute that I couldn’t throw it out. So I placed it on the cover of my note pad.

I actually like the store. They have unique cards and I like that most of the cards are blank within so you can personalize and make them yours. Speaking of cards, I think I should get my friends cards to show my appreciation. They probably take crap from me …as I am a bit of a crook (in a good way). I am not that nice a person, despite my façade which can be very deceiving….Funny thing is, I actually make an attempt to let people know I’m not nice, as if doing this justifies my nastiness (tut tut). But I’m really not that bad, just a bit complicated – this, my true friends know.

So here’s to my friends, my honey suckles, chai lattes & pumpkin sweets, thank you for letting me be me and when Papyrus is having a huge sale (‘cause $5.36 for a card is just insane), I’d get you all awesome cards and draw smiley hearts all over J ….


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