Yesterday I decided to browse through Nigeria Guardian News and I came across this article. Okay, let me say that I was a little confused. Is it that naija is years behind in terms of medical discoveries. I thought everyone knew about this…..maybe not (see excerpts of the article, and my comments below) 

Experts link diabetes to fast foods, carbonated drinks By Chukwuma Muanya

A FRESH claim has been raised by Nigerian endocrinologists over the dangers posed to the health of Nigerians by “fast foods” and carbonated drinks. The food items, they said are causing more children and young persons to develop Type 2 diabetes.

(ya think?) 

Speaking with The Guardian at the weekend, President of NSEM, Prof. Augustine Ifedaye Ohwovoriole, declared that diabetes kills more people than the Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and therefore urged the Federal Government to declare a national emergency on the disease and incorporate it into the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).

(and what exactly is the Federal Govt doing about AIDS right now?) 

The NSEM president said: “We are calling for an outright ban on fast foods and soft drinks. Most refined foods are not good enough. Processed foods are bad, whether it comes as soft drinks, biscuits, meat pie, cakes, fast foods and so on. They are not good. The most worrying one is when we expose our children to this kind of food, it continues to perpetuate itself. They lead to obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, hypertension, and kidney problems.

(a bit extreme don’t you think? How many people buy fast food on the regular? I don’t think naija has reached that stage quite yet. How about educating the olowos on not spoiling their kids with goodies?)  

How to fight fast foods and soft drinks is a big challenge. Some states in the United States have banned fast foods because they found out this is not good enough. What this means is that either at home or at work, measures must be put in place to have good food. If you want children to eat well then provide good food for them at school. I am sure a lot of parents would not mind paying for that. Let us stay on traditional food. You do not have to make it too expensive.

(why most we reference the US in everything. Nigeria’s fast food situation is nothing – and I repeat – nothing compared to that of the US. How many Nigerian Schools (public and private) have vending machines in the cafeteria?) 

For the complete article check out (I found it difficult to navigate the archives so good luck)


3 Responses to Alas!

  1. Edede's sister says:

    Are you serious? How recent was this article? Edede! maybe you should write a letter to the journalist that put the article out. Set him or her straight.

  2. Pringles says:


    without having much time to get philisophical about this. I would say that perhaps the situation is not comparable to the U.S. ( and i do hear you on the need to reference the U.S. on everything almost as if that lends further credibility to an idea), but fast food joints are sprawling everywhere–its a lucrative business for alot of people– and the culture of eating junk food is becoming more and more popular. Didnt you come across any young cousins or whatever on this recent trip whose idea of doing somn fun was going to the neareat TFC or what what? “Aunty, aunty…buy me buga”!. lol!Perhaps this article is based on dated information, but it doesnt make it any less poignant. Nigeria is headed in the direction of the US on this regardless of the current scale, hence sparking public debate and raising awareness on the dark side of the fastfood industry is timely.

  3. purefiyah says:

    OK, this article did raise some valid points about the detrimental effects of fast food to our health.. however, traditional meals are not necessarily a healthier replacement. If I remember our cafeteria menu in high school it was full of carbs and loaded with oil. Rice, Eba, Efo, Spagetti, name a few! need I remind you none of the meat or chicken was baked or grilled(FRIED!!!). So yes, eating freshly prepared “traditional” foods can still be a faster route down diabetes street or heart attack avenue! let us call a spade a spade WE need to be more concerned with educating the public about NUTRITION, LOW CARB, TRANS FATS, FRUITS, AND VEGETABLES, SALADS AND HOW TO COOK THEM instead of stating the obvious that fastfood causes diabetes. I’m just saying….

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