Abeg Jare

Give me a freaking break! Enough with the air kissing, glossy lips, the hair, the nails, the rented cars, ridiculously expensive shoes and assumed fabulous lifestyle. One can get sucked into the glamour of it all… the lights-camera-action (thanks to digcam, help create. It is easy to forget a life of bills and responsibilities at a swipe of your all access IN: NYC amex (any credit card will do). Being the babe of the week poses no difficulty, as she can to throw the flyest party (anything is possible with kishi). Even the most annoying person is sure to have guests…face it, its NY and people are ever ready to party on another’s expense (any faji will find a crowd).  Omoges want to show how picture perfect life is…and by picture perfect I don’t mean rosy. Even the drama has to be picture perfect and when it isn’t, it is conveniently re-enacted.  

Where is the substance, the raw depth, the ugly, grimy and sometimes irritating side of TRUE life? I want to see that! If you feel that you really need to share your life with the public eye, then you might as well hold nothing back. Having said, please don’t come sharing your issues with me (talk to Jesus instead)…to each his/her own. 


One Response to Abeg Jare

  1. Ronke Adepoju says:

    O girl, wetin happen? na who vex u?

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