Just do it

Today I realized something. I realized that there are times you don’t feel like doing certain things but because you have an obligation to people, it is only right that you fulfill that obligation. Whether you are going to gain from your action is irrelevant. It is also not a question of the number of people you might impact or if there is any direct impact on anymore. It is more about your principle and credibility. I think this is the true definition of selflessness. Not needing to have a rationale for doing the right thing; not needing to think twice or calculate or fuss. Letting go of all reason and passion; questions, ifs and uncertainties but embracing each task and challenge like it were your last. In essence, doing what you know in your heart is right and doing it well. I think that if we all apply a little bit of this in our daily lives, we can make the world a better place for all to live in.


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