Open Mic Interview


I am – grateful for God’s love

I believe in – good friendships

I disagree – that hope hinders adaptation

I would – rather be heard

I want to be – more tolerant

I crave – good food

I want – Shalom

I adore – the adorables

Give me fish – and I’d give you bread

Teach me to fish – and I’d buy you out

I have a passion for – comfort

I abhore – irritants

I am a sucker for – Jolly Ranchers

If you were my buddy – I’d be your pal

Success – is awesome

I want to meet – those that matter

I can’t do without – water

My past phobias are – feathers, the dark and willie willie

I’d love to beat up –  my brother and a pinyata

On a bad day I want – a good laugh

I don’t understand – Burning Man

I consider myself a – realistically cynical idealist

I say – Do not reject the inconceivable; Do not condemn the incomprehensible


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