I find that I often make spontaneous decisions. For example, when I wanted to sew I got myself a sewing machine. When I wanted to make an original dress to wear to a party I stayed up all night and made it (it is a masterpiece btw). When I wanted to braid my hair my self, I stayed up all night and did that. In March I cut my hair short without thinking twice about it. I paid in cash for my trainer. Does this mean I am a spoilt child who wants what she wants when she wants it? I think not…..well, maybe, maybe not. The part of me being spoilt is what I absolutely disagree with (maybe I am bias, but I highly doubt it).

My spontaneity comes from the thrill and challenge that comes with accomplishing chosen task. However, I have come to find that most of these tasks are really of inconsequential value. Say I failed at sewing, then, o well, there is always Macy’s. What if I failed at making a dress, guess what, I have enough clothes. In essence they all have quick remedies. I guess this answers the question of why I hesitate to make other decisions – decisions that I consider huge.

So, maybe it’s not a question of spontaneity after all….instead it is more about our comfort level. If we feel comfortable enough expending our resources (time, money and effort) on certain challenges then why not? 


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