Its been a long time…

Tings Dey HappenYes o! It has been a minute. Its been a crazy couple of days. Not in terms of workload, but in terms of psyche-stress. Thinking isn’t good men. It causes headaches, unnecessary worry and aging. Good stress is good though, we all need good stress to keep the mind and body centered – but I’ve been having some bad stress of late. I’m okay now thanks to the awakening I had while sipping iced green tea at my cube. The thing tasted like devil* (as my friend would say). It had a yarky taste but I finished the damn thing. It was then I realized that I can conquer anything….I know my analogies are flawed but thank goodness they are MY analogies. So what have you all been up to? (and yes, feel free to tell me) Hope you haven’t gotten yourselves into much trouble? Hope your week has been spectacular so far…if not, its never too late to make the best of it.

Today, I have decided to take a break off studying (nna men the thing is killing me) to go see a one man show, *Tings Dey Happen*. I think its going to be interesting seeing a white dude acting as different Nigerian characters in the niger-delta region. What I’m looking forward to most is hearing him speak pidgin English. Wonder shall never end. This integration of cultures is quite scary – i never thought speaking pidgin would loose its  sense of security. If you are interested in the show check out  – Its ending soon so you better hurry.

Anywho, I have been getting some fax messages on my cell phone from the same number. I have a feeling that some 419ers have gotten hold of my number and are trying to send me some yeye document. Ok, this is where I get irritated: I don’t like checking my phone only to see 7 missed calls with 7 new messages all of which are fax! It is a waste of time trying to delete the rubbish. So if you know anyone, who knows someone, that knows some guy that is perpetrating this nuisance, biko tell them to delete my number from their list. I am not rich….or gullible. Thank you.

Okay loves remain good and if you all have an interesting topic that you’d like to share e.g. Big Brother Africa Nude Saga, just holla at me and we shall set the stage ready.  Until next time~ edede.


One Response to Its been a long time…

  1. Nonye says:

    Yes O…. so I finally went and saw the show! very very…interesting in every sense of the word. One thing I noticed that was very obvious was the amount of white older sophiticated folks that was present at the theatre…dem plenty pass we two seed of black students, I was just wondering if they understood the pidgin. Maybe they were the civil rights activists or the shell and shevrons…me no no sha. Anyways I would watch it again and again if it means dragging as many folks as possible to go see the; one man multiple character display and his use of pidgin english!

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