Remember Bellview???


Today marks two years since the bellview crash which was shortly followed by Sosoliso. I remember this sent a shock wave throughout naija and even in the states. My brother’s friend lost his dad in the crash and I remember I vowed not to board a naija interstate flight……

Oh well, that vow didn’t do much as I boarded a flight from Benin to Lagos just about 2 months ago. When you have a choice of “horrendous”, and “not horrendous but slightly dangerous”, you are probably likely to go with “not horrendous but slightly dangerous”. If you have been on a ride from Benin to Lagos of late, you would know exactly what I am talking about. That journey would make you almost disown your country.

A little over 10 years ago it was lovely – I remember crashing in the back seat of the car while popsie drove straight to Benin…the roads were good, we had little or no check points and then we still had toll gates (yes toll gates!!! – whose idea was it to take them out???). Now, it is ridiculous, grid lock, traffic, heat, checkpoints, tankers laying across the roads, threats of fires and accidents and to make it worse what used to be a 3.5 hrs journey is now 7.5hrs (on a good day!). Tankers, trailers and more trailer-tankers everywhere (please explain the fuel scarcity then).

When road side conditions are this bad, one has to brave taking a flight even if naija’s aviation record isn’t fantastic. Needless to say that I was reciting my *hail mary* when I was on the Benin-Lagos flight. E go beta sha. I have faith in the current government and I hope that for once Nigerians begin to value their lives more and stop taking stupid risks.

Anywho, check out the article on Bellview and be informed. 


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