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Yesterday, my very good friend and colleague sent me the link to a post on Gizmodo (a gadget, techy blog like that). I was happy to read about a 24 yr old Nigerian who made a helicopter from scratch out of basic parts from cars, and cell phones. As I read the post I thought to myself how great it is to have someone channeling his gifts towards something positive but at the same time I was a little worried about the comments some people made – 

 “wow he is using his skills for good unlike all the scammers!”  

“Atleast one guy is working and not sending emails with a promise to share $30M” 

“Greetings, my name is Mrs. Mubarak Muhammed Abdullah. My husband recently perished in a home-made helicopter, it was in all of the news everywhere, you may have heard of it. Before the copter started to fell apart and he tipped out the side he established a trust with $50,000,000.Unfortunately to engage this trust a male relative must…”  

“I would bet that thing is made of construction paper and Elmer’s glue. He is going to be selling it on eBay soon or you will get an email requesting some gas money so he can fly to America and bring you gold bars…” 

It sucks to see the bad publicity we have created for ourselves. For once I’d love to have our work be embraced without being linked with yahoo-yahoo schemes and 419ers. On a good note, some people left some bad-ass-awesome comments that made me proud to be Nigerian. My friends at work were also impressed and I contemplated telling them that I was related to the dude (a comment like that would fly any-day – hehe).  

Spread the word of this achievement, people like Mubarak Muhammed Abdullahi need good publicity. 

See : http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/homemade-helicopter/nigerian-man-builds-working-helicopters-from-junk-313408.php#c2730543



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