It’s Friday Snitches!!!

It’s Friday
and I’m ready to sing pick up my girls
and hit the party scene
tonight oh oh it’s alright umm
so get up and let this funky mellow groove get
you in the mood cause you
know it’s alright………………

That’s a lil som’som for y’all. Welcome to the weekend. Hope you have fun stuff planned – ‘cause I sure don’t. Hopefully the tempo would pick up as the weekend progresses. We’ll see. Ehen, I’m tired of all the serious talk jare (economy this economy that), so today, I am going to talk about myself – or stuff relating to me. Yesterday was cool. Was supposed to be at the library but I caved and participated in happy hour Thursday – cheap food, cheap drinks. Thanks to the *Wise* one who bestowed some drinking knowledge on me, I was careful not to mix my beer and spirits. Yesterday was strictly spirits, Jack*s* and Coke*s* straight up (yea baby!). Anyhow, it all started at Ulyssess, Berry and I decided to start the night early, he was going to go see the rangers after work and since drinks at the games are usually expensive dude wanted to be at least close to dazed before he gets there….  

Jack and coke for me and a blue moon for Berry….we were probably the youngest people there (no, let me restate, I was the youngest person in there). Some dude was making strange noises behind us. I think he was excited about something; then again, maybe it was just the liquor taking effect. We stood by the bar chatting randomness and work and more randomness. Second round! I’d have the same, he had a shot of something…can’t remember what it was (too complicated for my simple mind).Its 6:30, I’m supposed to meet the-Chhoyster and Sir-real @ Union and Berry’s game starts at 7. We walk to the N,R,W – run run! Hold the train! YES! We made it. I tell Berry he is definitely going to make his game. I’m smiling for no good reason, I’m probly buzzed…”Are we in Brooklyn?, O crap!”. We took the wrong train…I’m laughing at this point. I feel bad for Berry ‘cause its sorta kindda my fault (fine, it is my fault, I was leading the poor child). He is supposed to meet his friend, his friend’s dad and his friend’s dad’s friend at Madison Square Garden. The stupid downtrain N,R,W takes forever to come…we walk to the 2 (which is better for him anyways). He is so going to look like a late moron who smells like beer by the time he gets there…I give him gum for fresh breath. Meanwhile…. Sir-real had called and I was to meet them up at Union Square. 

I was so late, but whatever (I figured they’d start bar hopping without me). “Dude, where are you?”, I was told to meet them @ 12th and 3rd. It is definitely an East Village night….the east village probly has a thousand bars to choose from. We started off going t’wds Astor then we walk down St. Mark’s, scoping the area. Anyhow, we go to the first bar, it’s a really cool spot. Jack and Coke please! I’m cautious though…tomorrow is Friday and I still have to go the work. They had two rounds of beer….we leave and walk east or west or south (heck, I don’t know) to Sin-sin. “Es you get the drinks and I’d get the Hookah”, sounds good…I take it easy now, Amaretto Sour! The hookah comes through, its smaller than the last one we had. Double apple, but where is the apple flavor (I am not impressed – but we do the do anyhow). Second rounds, I’d have the same…I’m getting hungry…we round up. “Ready?”, “Yep”. We leave. 

Next stop Paul’s Burger. Chhoyster claims its best burger in town.  Okay, this is no fancy burger joint. This is truly some village style I’m-hungry-dammit typa place. I like the aesthetics though. I’d have a cheese burger, “Cajun and regular fries for the table please, thank you”. The Cajun fries are great. Where is the beef? Right here on the bun – it is huge….this is fantastic. Flavor is ridiculous. I’m so hungry at this point. No drinks..just water. The world series is on and Red Sox is playing (I really don’t care). 

Its time to go…all I want to do now is crash. Hop in a cab, out, home, bed, yes, goodnight.  


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