I looked out the window of my boss’ office and I could have sworn that I was staring into Moscow. Winter is come! I can see it through the clear glass from the warmth of my cubicle. I broke out the winter jacket this weekend rendering them free of dust and cobwebs (I kid). Summer was good to New York; it took its sweet time and now leaves us unprepared for winter’s wrath. I have been dreading this for about 10 months now. Last winter was a joke but at the same time probably one of my best winters ever. It hardly snowed, which is not typical of the season in the east coast. Those were the days when Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth conveniently slipped in causing a scare. “The world is coming to an end!” some lamented, this comment usually preceded my sarcastic dry responses – “How nice”, “I am happy for you and the world that is coming to an end” or “Congrats”. I was constantly reminded of the power of the media each time I caught a glimpse of my father paying close attention to the global warming updates. I have to give it to Gore though; his convenient interference in the state of planet earth (and my life) conveniently won him a Nobel Prize – Brilliant. Regardless the impression you get from this, please be aware that I am all for conserving energy and improving our environment.  

My cousin, Pringles came to town and talked about going to Cyprus sometime next year. I am psyched. It would be great to leave the States soon to go somewhere – anywhere not cold, Cyprus or no Cyprus. At this rate I’d take anything that doesn’t require a Visa; I’d still pick Nigeria with the same damn reluctance– it never gets old or played out. I am not quite sure if I am ready to trade the cold brisk air for a slap of humidity though, maybe I’ll keep it tropical, maybe I’ll save money and stay put in NY (Que Sera Sera).   

Anyhow, it is cold and I have a cold. I sneezed up to nine times back to back last night. I also sucked the juice from 4 oranges in record time. My excuse was that I needed the vitamin c, but to be honest, long-throat got the best of me.  Okay y’all, I’m out. If you like be good, it is really not my problem (I kid). For those in gidi, keep cool, for those in yankee, stay warm.  Peace.  

PS: Happy Birthday to Chief-of-Staff!


2 Responses to Brrrrrrr

  1. Pringles says:

    1-2-3-4….. 🙂 i keep humming that under my breath. N-e-hoo, fall fashion is awesome..bring on the chilly breeze! Ok not as bad as that inane windyness in NYC this past weekend tho’. Hey, wrap up…and no late nights drinking this week. U’ll be better in no time!

  2. dr bojangles says:

    interesting, edede, ur choice of words convey several perspectives alltogether…. koyo.

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