Muchos Gracias

Bon Apremidi! What ever happened to Bon Apremidi? I usually hear Bonjour and Bonsoir but no Bon Apremidi. First and foremost, a big GRACIAS to those who comment on my entries and those who send me articles. I appreciate the time you take to read my ramblings. Do feel free to spread the word if you like the blog. The idea is to get people informed and to spark conversation relating to whatever. I would love to read more of your comments and I’ll do my part to keep this engaging.

I have some really fantastic articles today o. As much as I’d like to go into detail on each, I think its best you read it yourself to get a better feel. Your comments are welcome! Enjoy.  

Haitian brought AIDS to US: study. Edede says – Bravo Genius. Go’ head, keep on blaming others. 

Counterfeiting: Akunyili indicts powerful Nigerians, multinationals. Edede says – This here is a must read. You would be surprised to find big name companies involved in NAFDAC violations. 

Amaechi probes looters of Rivers treasury, properties. Edede says-  It is funny how funds and property manage to mysteriously disappear.  


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