Until Dec 2nd

Hopefully, you wouldn’t see, hear or smell from edede until December 2nd. The time has come for me to get myself together and handle some serious business. Don’t worry, this is temporary; before you know it, its thanksgiving and voila it’s December. For those of you that have my number, please don’t call me asking me to come hang out (I mean it…yes, seriously). I’m sorry but you are going to have to enjoy yourselves without me (I know it’s hard but you will be alright). For those of you who have my number and don’t call me, please keep it up (atleast until December 2nd). Most important, wish me well as I am about to embark on this life changing journey that will prove fruitful by mid January and would come to fruition by May. Meanwhile, feel free to indulge in edede – there is nothing wrong in reading old entries.

FYI – There is a Nigerian restaurant coming soon in the city – somewhere in the SoHo area (I think). I’d keep you all posted by…c’mon lets hear it…December! Until then, good bye, good night and God bless.

In the spirit of Zen, edede says – Whoosah!


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