notes from exile


It is 9am on Wednesday, November 7th 2007. My morning routine is somewhat predictable. I check emails, read the celebrity sections of AM NY and Metro; browse my Google custom home page; check out how my fund is doing on the market and pine over not owning brokerage account. A couple of weeks ago I was slightly pissed at my tightness (slightly pissed because I think it is against principle to pay more than $9 to process a trade). If I had gotten shares in lululemon I would have been well in the money; but today lululemon’s stock price sucks.  That is how life is, innit? You have the good days and the bad days. I guess one can compare it to the stock market in that life is very volatile and often governed by external factors like communication. Like everyone else, I have had my share of sucky days and unfortunately I recently allowed a mishap encroach into the consistent peculiarity from where I find my peace. The truth is that when I am sad I don’t need anyone to make me feel worse. Of what use are sound reprimands if the timing is off?  Masters of the universe may have all the answers but if they want people to listen to them, they must know when to speak, pause and reevaluate. I am sure the last thing lululemon needs right now is a caption on the Wall Street Journal and New York Times that reads, “Goodbye to Yoga – get scoop on the latest lifestyle trend ”. Now that would really suck.  

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ps – I sorta lied about you not hearing from edede….oh well, oh well


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