I happen to be an avid reader/skimmer of AM New York and Metro newspapers and this is mainly because they are free. These papers are small; typically less than 50 pages and like any other newspaper they provide news in and around NY and the world at large. Like all kinds of media paper they make profit from ads and ads thrive on the circulation power of the medium. Granted the information might not be detailed compared to the New York Times and Wall Street Journal or as gossipy as Page 6 of the New York Post; these free papers manage to provide valuable information. I believe information used well can drive innovation and so I started thinking – as usual – of ways to capitalize on this brilliant idea. 

Let’s face it; the reason why most Nigerians don’t read the papers is because they can come up with a million and one other things to do with the money it takes to buy one. Most, if not all, newspapers are available online, but correct me if I am wrong when I say that a majority of people back home do not have convenient access to the internet. So, how can one go about establishing an equivalent Morning Lagos in Nigeria? The first obstacle that precluded any further thought into this initiative was boli and suya sellers – among others. If they found out that Morning Lagos was giving away newspapers for free, they would quickly pack plenty so they can use to wrap their goods. This is clearly a problem, right? So, how can this be prevented?  

Here’s an idea; what about if big banks cut back on huge TV and Bill Board Ad campaigns and provide petty traders with paper bags that have ads printed on them? Would this work? What about if Morning Lagos starts the trend by providing traders with such paper bags? Ideas, ideas, ideas….you all have to help me out here….take a minute to think about this and get back to me via comments, emails, phone calls (after 9pm J), anything


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