the run down

As you may or may not know, President Yar’Adua has directed security agencies to investigate allegations that four former Nigerian ministers received bribes from Siemens AG. He also assured that anyone found guilty will punished (damn skippy). I’m just glad that some action is being taken. I’m even more excited because he didn’t ignore the issue. Did you all see the list of names released by Seimens….those suckers kept a LIST – a typical example of  if I’m going down, I’m taking you with me (don’t mess with the Germans). On a chirpy or not so chirpy note, the Ex-Im Bank of the United States has reduced the exposure fee for Nigerian transactions in efforts to expand support for Nigerian purchases of US goods (HOLD UP! repete encore.) Wait o, these people are making it easier for us to buy their goods? Hmmm, why does this raise a flag? Is there something I’m not getting? How does this really help us? Show me the cost-benefit analysis. Help! 

Moving on, there has been talks about micro financing and how micro finance can remediate poverty in the world’s poorest countries – how it can help close the gap between the rich and poor and what not. I urge the go- getters and type A personalities to look into this. I have some links below with good information. Research on your spare time and see if it is something worth considering. I personally recommend that you read about Acumen Fund . According to Acumen Fund; “Poor people seek dignity, not dependence. Traditional charity often meets immediate needs but too often fails to enable people to solve their own problems over the long term. Market-based approaches have the potential to grow when charitable dollars run out, and they must be a part of the solution to the big problem of poverty.” – FYI a woman runs this fund (Pwnd!) 

Okay, smart peeps. I’m out. Cheers. 

edede says checktheseout: Microfinance is the big idea that can help end poverty ; African banks: On the frontier of finance; Finance for All? Policies and Pitfalls in Expanding Access


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