music vs music

I have a wonderful relationship with music. Lock me up in a room and I’d be fine as long as I have a collection of songs to keep my company. Songs are beautiful…it is therapy. It really is – I am talking about some fall out boy, switch foot, carrie underwood, ingrid michaelson to some lauren hill, camron, lupe fiasco, fabulous to some naija tunes, old school and new school – they are all so beautiful. BUT, not all music is good and when music isn’t good I get a little vexed. Case in point, Ashionye* – as in what-da-hell, seriously dude! My apologies to Ashionye music lovers but c’mon for goodness sakes what the frig are y’all on (and where did you get it)? 

I think the Nigerian music industry needs critiques that would rate new releases on a scale of 1 to 5 (no bribery involved sha). Hopefully, this would deter some people from singing…I am sure they have other skills that they just need to explore and exploit. BTW, Omotola, Genevieve and other actor-turned-singers are not off the hook either( most of them are horrible singers).  Let’s face it: Tuface made it big because he can sing (remember omode meta shere?). Tribesmen made it big because they could rap (remember shake body?). Maintain are known today because they are creative (ni bo la n wa gbe lo, mi o male ti moto). It should be clear that this game isn’t meant for every Tom, Dick and Maria!  

I hate the be the hater here but if any publicity is good publicity, then I’m probably doing her a favor and who knows, her next album might just be a banger. But for now o, if respect should be given where it’s due then we all need to reevaluate how we evaluate – unless we want another “stylist” as our house speaker. (I strongly recommend that you do not visit this website at work…and if you do make sure your volume is set to low)


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