the holidays

It’s December (in two days) – just go to Rockefeller center or the Cartier on 5th avenue and see for yourselves. Christmas decorations are everywhere; the New York Stock Exchange has had its American Flag Christmas lights up for a while now and everywhere is absolutely lovely. This is the season for Christmas parties at places like the Waldorf, Ciprianis, Chelsea Piers and Bridgewater.  It’s the time for year end evaluations and the revelation of whether you will be receiving a fat bonus (Up Goldmorgan Stanlehman) – and considering the state of the market I highly doubt that I will (do I ever?). 

All that aside, New York is one of my best places to be during the season – second to Lagos and coupled by the fact that I gat no blue passport. As much as I love to be in NY and stand by the skating rink and laugh out hysterically when people fall flat on their asses, November/December can be really annoying. Just the other day I went to Macys to see if I could find me a pair of boots and it was a complete mayhem. Seriously, it is annoying; why? TOURISTS!!!! It’s bad enough on any regular season but from Black Friday (Friday after thanksgiving) to Christmas is a mess. This is when the Europeans splurge their Euros and Pounds in excitement and rejoice over the weak state of Dollar. So I decided that I make my life easy by shopping online –it is so hassle free. Just click, add to your shopping cart and you are good to go. The most beautiful part of it all is that your package comes to you in the comfort of your house (or my sister’s ‘cause she has a door man who can sign for her when she isn’t home and I don’t). 

So being that we are in a generous season, I want to be generous to y’all and share a few sites with you. They have great stuff at good prices and they make great gifts too….you don’t have to thank me but you can pick me something if you so insist ;). Caution – These sites can be highly addictive. Edede is not responsible for any loses you might incur as a result of excessive splurging. Do not ‘OD’ your purchases. One more thing, you can go to to get the scoop on discounts that your fave stores might have. Enjoy!;;;


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