lunch and a sign

I went to lunch today with Ryzzle; this is pretty much our routine when we are both in the Plaza. I believe it was 12:30 we left our cubes and proceeded to the 3rd floor. The food in the cafeteria has been less appealing with each day. Perhaps it’s just me who is getting tired of it all. Ryzzle had already agreed to go to the basement with me if nothing looks good. In attempts to reclaim healthy eating medal, I walked towards the soup area to see what was popping. I had since given up on Chili, so I scoped other exotic soups. I had beef barley yesterday and it wasn’t bad at all. Today, I decided to have Italian Wedding – Chhoyster talked about it all the time but I hadn’t tried it yet. I’m not sure if all Italian Weddings are like this, but this one had big chunks of meat balls in it, with carrots, celery, some pasta and some vege – I’m not sure what. It was nice sha….even nicer after I downed everything with a side of salsa flavored sun chips. PHENOMENAL – don’t mind me o…it really wasn’t that fantastic but I enjoyed it and that is all that counts.  

That is how I came back to my cube only to find the hook to my pearl ear ring on the table. I touched my left ear, nothing, no ear ring.  I touched the other; at least I have one of them still intact. The first thing that came to mind was “So I’ve been walking around the building with one ear ring? My life! “ . The second was “Awwww my ONLY pearl ear ring. $12! Kai!  ”. I felt sad all of a sudden – “what type of wahala is this?” . Then I realized that I was getting too worked up over this ear ring so I decided to chill. In a last effort to look for it, I pulled out my recycle bin and SAW it. It was just behind it, peaceful (and it looked like it was waiting for me – on second thoughts I guess it was). This was my sign!

It’s hard for one not to worry, especially when something of great value is hanging on the line. I learned/learnt that getting worked up doesn’t do me any good but I also learned/learnt that EFFORT is a necessary factor. I trust in God that I will be fine…nah, more like OVERWHELMINGLY FANTASTIC. My ear ring is back on my ear. Perfect. 😀  


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