Camaraderie Update and Other Sturves

Dearest! Its been a minute men! I’ve missed you sha. Anyhow I figured I should give you some motherland updates before I proceed to rant my usual rantings – so here you have it.  

Nigeria has cancelled a contract with Siemens and suspended dealings with the German telecoms firm pending an investigation into bribery allegations.

Ecobank for the third quarter of 2007 has grown its total assets by over 64 per cent to U.S.$4.96 billion, when compared with the corresponding period in 2006.

Power Holding Company of Nigerian (aka new NEPA) raised a 12-point agenda aimed at making ongoing efforts by the Federal Government to reform the power sector a huge success.

Back to me. Mennnnnnnnnn where do I start? Many rubbish has been happening sha. Not like rubbish rubbish cos I try to be careful not to get myself into too much shenanigans. Actually, come to think of it nothing really serious went down – just life, raw and unprecedented as usual. So I wrote my exam – God be the glory. I can’t tell y’all where I stand there sha. All I know is it is done and that I went into a slight coma immediately I got home from Columbia – my psyche went on vacation. Too much freaking time and nothing to do – I couldn’t even stop feeling guilty when watching TV (which kin craze??) Anyhow, I am back to bizwax thanks to junk mail, jollof rice and a fusion of sierra mist and squeezed lemon juice.

I’ve been trying to pick up a new habit (besides sewing, crocheting, cooking casserole dishes and learning Arabic – which didn’t turn out to be anything); books. I want to read more books – expand my horizon. I just finished reading Veronika decides to Die by Paulo Coehlo and I think it’s a really cool book – its actually a book about redemption (it says so on the cover) and I would recommend it to anyone… I don’t know why the book was placed in the metaphysical section at borders sha – they made omolomo go about looking for it, but that is besides the point.  Another book by Coehlo is The Alchemist – probably one of the most engaging books I have read – that’s a must read. The cool thing about reading books is that I get to learn cool stuff. Did you know that there is a clock in Italy that moves anti-clockwise and that the capital of Slovenia is Ljubljana…I might not need to use this information but I think its uber-cool to know.  

What else? I got to see my other nephew. He is so cute. Babies are cute anyways…you really can’t tell how they’d turn out just yet. But I’m sure my booboos will grow up to be studs….as in, forgerit. Like Noggy would say; these babies are single but not ready to mingle and I am a little scared for them as I might end up turning out to be the hyper critical aunty – just like one of my aunts (hehe).  On another note, I cancelled my gym membership – damn skippy. Homegirl is kindda broke right now…my black Friday purchases cramped my account. I have been having these reflex urges to scream just because it might make me feel better. To make issues worse, my taste has propelled astronomically and now I cant stand kwe-kwe tings – my sturves are becoming popping with each biweekly pop into my BofA ac.. namean (on some coded levelz).

Nogs wants us to go to Woodbury commons but nna men the thing dey fear me. Last time I went there I caused damage and unless someone is doing jamboree for me then I’m not sure I want to be spotted on that side of town. My vacay is coming up soon too…not sure what’s gonna go down… I have from xmas to jan 2nd….whoopie. Hopefully I’d do somthin kewl if not, I’d just get Indian movies and imbibe myself in bollywood – might just learn some sweet dances (awesomely pathetic). Aiight peeps…be good…Peace.


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