I don’t know

Where is the line between convenience and comfort? How can you tell?

These days, every moment brings questions and uncertainties but then again I guess nothing is ever certain. If things were, there would be no victories – how can one savor victory when they already know from the on set that they would be the victor? But given all these things that people have accepted as rule, why is it that we are still expected to take chances but within familiar territory…you are allowed to do anything as long as it is within the confines convenience and if you failed, at least you failed within the confines of convenience. Nevertheless I am not going to rule out the fact that experiences shape our perception.

Take for instance a Hindu married couple and their daughter – the husband cheats, the wife cheats and the marriage fails. The daughter, out of upbringing and is exposed to different religions and cultures, she decides to get married to a Christian not to spite anyone but her parents disagree – “misfortune would befall you, you wouldn’t be happy, pick any Hindu out there, any!” Her parents were both Hindu, but that didn’t help the marriage, it didn’t stop the pain, tears and headaches. 

The future is bleak and scary and no one knows what it holds. In spite of all, I want to brave the omnipresent uncertainties and do what I believe in. Faith should overcome all questions and doubt, hope should pave the way to happiness and with love there is no need to fear the unexpected – remember that the unexpected isn’t always bad.


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