Good morning my neighbor!  

Wetin dey? How body? I left my cell/mobile phone at home, so my apologies to CBK – I really did plan on replying your text message and this is what I would have sent; “Hey, what’s up now? You no know say I get work? How you go dey text person for 1:03am…J anyhow sha, I’m good. Hope you feel much better”.

Its Thursday morning…there is work to be done but nothing that I can’t handle. I just want to take a break to hail my people and show the love that you all always show me. I feel so good today men…its amazing how a conversations can make you feel so much better. I’m happy I have wonderful people in my life.  

Question: Do you think I should get into the gift giving mode? Christmas for me is about going to the midnight mass and just chilling for the rest of the day…I never really got into the habit of buying gifts. For instance, Nogs just got me a nice bag and I wanted to give her a $20 CVS gift card in return (don’t judge me o – what is it? every chic needs toothpaste and deodorant jare). Since she is my sister, I figure I should do something extra special…but I think I’d rather catch her unawares as opposed to giving her something now…abi? Come to think of it, the gift card isn’t such a bad idea…it might even be worth more than the bag …hmm 😛


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