to resolve?

Here’s a little fun fact for you; do you know that The Pantone Color Institute announced its choice of blue iris, No. 18-3943, as the color of the year? Dude, I didn’t even know that there was an institute for this type of things….If you want more info, google The Pantone Color Institute and I’m sure you’d get a wealth of information. Another fun fact – or movie tip – Sweeny Todd, the movie about the serial killer barber, got good reviews. So if you are not disgusted by morbid sights, be sure to checkirout.

I have never been fond of making New Year resolutions because I thought it was almost impossible to actually realize them; but I am a little different this year. However, instead of calling it New Year resolution, I’d call it MY SUPER DUPER 2008 CHECKLIST – quite original, innit? So what’s on my checklist….

1.        Learn to speak Spanish

2.        Take all my pending exams

3.        Travel to a country I have never been to

4.        Go to Motherland

5.        Be a better friend, sister, lover, daughter…and all that mushy stuff

6.        Take a dance or/and sketch class

It’s not too long so I think I should be able to pull it off…all things being equal. I’d try to keep you posted as time goes on and inform you of any progress I’ve made. This is so much fun already.  I’m even more motivated to get it done simply because I’m putting it out there.



3 Responses to to resolve?

  1. Pringles says:

    Yo…Ive got trips planned for the first 6 mths of the year to at least 3 places u havent been–Cyprus in April, 4 days, Geneva in July–5 days and Spain in August-6 days. Take your pick. Will give u a heads up soon as i solidify plans and u can tell me what time of year or destination sounds best to you.

    PS: tks for gracing my bday bash 😉

  2. livelearnlove says:

    well you guy did not invite me oh!

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