something i lack

January 29, 2008

Patience! And I wonder how I can remedy this issue fast. How can I quickly overcome lack of patience? The answer is never. I can never “quickly” overcome this issue. Maybe when I finally decide that I can not do this quickly, I will be taking the first step to actualizing my goal. It’s a big issue though…patience…of all things patience is what is giving me a headache. It really is giving me a headache – I have a headache right now. Yesterday I was talking to my friend and I had to take a second to say “one step at a time, one step”…I spoke to myself in the third person – one step at a time love, one step. I should probably do more breathing exercising. I remember this one time I attended a “good stress” workshop (at 21 I was attending a stress workshop, what the hell? – O! I forget it was work related), the guy giving the lecture told the class to take 5 minutes in every hour to relax…he then gave some breathing exercises, short breaths, long breaths, deep breaths – I’m doing them right now (aww much better – slightly – barely – no, much better).

Today I felt like slapping my oga; a serious back-hand slap – then I realized how bad the market is and how awful it would be if I didn’t have an ise. Even if the market was superb I still wouldn’t slap him – but I thought it, just imagine, SLAP – that might have remedied my headache. Don’t you wish you had super powers sometimes? ANNIHILATE! DESTROY! KICKASS COMBO! – How neat is that (hehe)? I feel better already. Okidoks, back to reality.


e.magine this

January 25, 2008

They try to make her go to rehab and she says yes, yes, yes. Amy Winehouse the lovely ex-beehived-now-platinum-blond brit has finally decided to go on a sobriety journey. She, like other stars,  will do her stint in rehab and hopefully recover from her drug addiction. It’s a sweet irony (according to ryzzle). I hope she gets well soon…as in, I’m not expecting her to get 100% clean – it don’t work like that – but it will be a real shame to see such talent wasted.  

Steve Jobs has done it again – with his blue jeans, black turtle neck and smirk on his face – he announced the really really flat laptop. This laptops fits into a manila envelope (yep, it’s that flat). So flat that it has no CD drive, which sux ‘cause I can’t watch a dvd on it (unless I hook something up to somewhere and blah blah….na long thing).  

Bush has announced a packaged where $600 will be refunded to people who made less that $75,000 last year. Fantabulous!!!! But hold up, hmmm, the NJ path is going to increase fares and the George Washington Bridge will increase their tolls too…hmm and gas prices are not looking great and MTA is a bastard. Doesn’t this cancel out everything? 

Funny enough, the movie How she move is getting good reviews. This doesn’t mean that I’d pay to watch it sha. Atleast I saw You got served and trust me that is enough dance movie flick for the century. However, if you are on the fence (to see or not to see), I definitely suggest that you see it and let me know how it goes. On the other hand I strongly recommend Meet the Spartans, the previews are hilarious.  

Esta la vista ninos!


January 25, 2008

I used to rhyme back in the day. When angry, I’d retreat to a corner and write – stab my pad till my pen bleeds (sorry, didn’t mean to be graphic). Someone told me last week, “I don’t know anyone who carries a pen and pad in their hand bag”. I don’t; at least not all the time but I don’t see anything wrong with it either.  Writing is my stress reliever. I call it therapy. I also write when I’m bored, or sad, or when I find inspiration. I’m not sure if I write when I’m happy but I know I get happy when I’m write. Especially when I used to battle on the african hiphop portal. Can you imagine? I used to spit words of fire (hehe). I even got nominated for an award; best female…and won, if I remember correctly. Well, I felt a surge of rhythm and decided to put something down….its more like spoken words; hopefully you’d be able to read it and get my sense of delivery.

I love; no I like your money. Forgive me if I go against the norm or should I say my norm as the norm at the present applauds my honesty – my love; no like-of-money-honesty. Or am I wrong to like your money…’cause I recall correctly that you like your money too. As a matter of fact I remember you telling me you can’t do without your car…no cars and clothes and jewelry and gadgets. My dear, I can’t do without you too – well, without your money.  ‘Cause I too enjoy your luxuries as they trickle down to me and I love; no like your company because you spend around me.  And if it goes away…honey I can’t guarantee that I’d stay. Cause it’s give and take you see…you give and I take and going against this order will change the course of humanity- my sustenance; the price you pay for maintaining me. Lets just call it my maintenance fee.  So let’s say I’m doing you a favor by loving; no liking your money. Think of me as the poor child that you sponsor – I bet you I’d make a good character in your personal statement to the leagues. I bet they’d write you ballads as one who gives truly and freely and this will be our little secret. ‘Cause we both know why you keep me around, cause no one can stand to have you around – you stench of pride and ooze of ingratitude, utmost stupidity and ignorance – O! the blatant poignant ignorance! 

Let’s retract for a second: I like; no I LOVE your money. Forgive me if this is the norm I have chosen to embrace; but without your money, I wouldn’t even know your face.

e. update

January 24, 2008

It’s about friggin time. Wonderful news has surfaced on this pleasant morning of the 24th of January 2008. The Federal Government (of Nigeria ofcourse) has completed plans to give out six of Nigeria’s major airports to private investors to fully operate and fund their maintenance in a public private partnership arrangement (PPP).  

Just imagine……………………………………Can you picture Muritala Mohammed Airport? –  No chaos, tranquil, air conditioned, marble clean floors (ok, maybe not marble), usable lavatories (Halleluiah, Halleluiah, Halleluiah, Halleluiah, Hallllllllleluiah!!!!). Nah men, this is long overdue. Our airports need work serious work. Granted things are going to cost more e.g. parking cars in the lot or buying travel carts but please I’d rather pay more than be subject to torture.  Abeg, these people should shey kia and get to work before I land naij this year (hehe). For the complete article click 


something to think about

January 23, 2008

Everyone is capable of thinking evil. Even scarier, everyone is capable of committing evil. I suppose the definition of evil itself is preconditioned by various exceptions and one offs, even more so by upbringing and the ever present instinct to survive – this too has exceptions attached to it. So what is it that sets people apart?  No one can claim that they haven’t had the urge to inflict pain on another, psychologically or physically. Maybe because that person irritates you so much and it will bring you joy (short lived joy) just to see the person in anguish.  But if everyone went about making sure the lives of others were a living hell, there would be nothing worthwhile to live for.  I speak this because I am no different and there have been times that I have been hurt and hurt in return. Truth is it hasn’t done me much good instead I find myself compounding bitterness to bitterness hence making my life unpleasant. I suppose no lengths are too far to attain peace of mind. For it is when I have peace of mind that I can show peace unto others. 

A little fact that I find interesting is the painting of the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo went in search for a young man that he would use as a model for Jesus and found a handsome healthy man. Months later he went in search for a young man that he would use as a model for Judas. He found one on the street, tattered and dirty and took him home to paint. When he was done painting the model, the young man recognized Leonardo and told him that he was the same man that Leonardo had used as a model for Jesus.  

Good and evil have the same face – just look in the mirror – but what sets us apart from evil is simply control by the grace of God.


January 18, 2008

At 3:53 on a Friday afternoon, work for me is over. Well not really. I’m supposed to be here till 5. Not like I have a 9-5 job as it is more like a no later than 8 no earlier than 5 type of job. As you might have guessed, there is practically no statute of limitation. Statute of limitation – that’s my new favorite phrase; odd right? I have had some odd fave phrases like, lets come to an agreement; I will circle back with you; leverage off of that initiative; I was in correspondence with the business unit; lets come to a tactical and strategic solution – mind you, strategic and tactical mean the same thing. Who says American white collar folks don’t like grammar? Sometimes I seize to understand why people choose to say “I am in agreement with that comment” as opposed to just saying, “I agree with you”. This would make life a lot simpler. No complaints though, these are the little things that make work amusing.  

The other day I was having a one-on-one with my oga, when I spaced out. Honestly this happens so frequently that I don’t bother trying to pay attention. Truth is I enjoy spacing out than sitting down on some expensive (but uncomfortable) chair trying to explain something to oga-sir for the nth time. On this particular occasion I was sitting behind him staring at his bald head when it happened. Next thing I knew I had a strand of my hair in my hand and I was wondering if my oga ever considered hair transplant surgery; even more bizarre I was wondering if I could be a donor. I’m not sure where that came from. I guess the mind always finds a way to please itself when in boring and uncomfortable situations. Maybe just the same way other parts of the body adjust to a lack…for example, when one looses his/her sight, other senses are heightened. It’s probably not the best example but hopefully you get my point.  

I saw Osama Bin Laden’s son in AMNY today. He looks so much like his father “except for the dreadlocks that dangle halfway down his back. Then there’s the black leather biker jacket.” His name is Omar, 26 and married to a 52 year old Brit. Apparently, Omar wants to an ambassador for peace and is planning a 3,000 mile horse race across North Africa. I guess this is something close in line with the various walks and matches for justice – only difference is the horses. I hope the intentions are well and good and no more violence would arise as a result. This world is huge yet so fickle and the slightest things can cause an up roar.

FYI – Famine Analysts project a shortage of food in western africa as crops harvest (millet, corn etc)will not be enough to accomodate demands. Traders have started hoarding these foods so they can sell at high prices later on. Analysts project that this may lead to starvation to those that can’t afford the high price of food.


January 14, 2008

Been thinking about writing; writing a lot for that matter; but nothing came through. Actually, a couple of things were hovering but never got to make it on paper, until now. I was worried about presentation and flow; trying to please you folks, give you a damn good read, you know? Well sorry, the sound of sentences hovering in my head is quite annoying and I can’t take it anymore. So let me start by welcoming the acting Executive Chairman of the EFCC, Mr. Ibrahim Abdullahi Lamorde. I’m sure this has restored peace to concerned Nigerians after Ribadu was allegedly forced to take a one year senior officers course at the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies by the Inspector General of Police, Mike Okiro.  Word on the street is that Okiro and Ibori (former gov of Delta state who is currently in prison facing fraud charges) are buddies – put one and two together…. 

Moving on, last week I found the most beautiful boy on Wall Street. I call him beautiful because handsome doesn’t do him justice – Besides the word handsome has been used so carelessly these days on some undeserving people. Our eyes met at the intersection of Broad and Wall…and just when I was feeling extra special with myself Ryzzle dipped his fingers in my French onion sun chips. Don’t get me wrong, Ryzzle is an attractive young man but he didn’t have to cramp my style like that.  Mr. Beautiful or McSizzle (McDreamy and McSteamy have been taken) as I like to call him looks like a trader….(IBD folks aint that pretty..oops). Anyhow, I hope to see McScizzle again, wink at him and invite him to the concrete park to share a gyro with me. Of course all of this will take place in my mind.  

On a different note, my friends and I are starting a program called the Education Outreach Program. Our goal is to send stationeries to children in public schools in Africa. Obviously, we would like to start with Nigeria where we have the most contacts and work our way up to other countries in the continent. We are currently working to get it registered with a 501(c)3  status so that people who donate can get tax deductions.  Naturally, I will be looking to my faithful readers for help. Let this be your good deed of the year and please let your friends/ family know about this initiative. It is time that we take responsibility for our own – you shouldn’t need much convincing.  We are currently working on a website and I would keep you posted as time goes on.  

That’s all folks…hmm, guess I didn’t have a lot after all. J