Welcome to 2008.  Its funny, I was telling a friend of mine how weird it is that a new year just happens to be just another day – Just another day taking the train to a friend’s place, hearing some disgusting news, drama, fun, laughs, smiles, frustration. Ultimately, the year is what we make of it and I decided that I want to be drawn nearer to God because he is my source of sanity in the ruthless world. I should start off my examining my heart and maybe move on to clearing up my desk at work.  

Congrats to those who made it to 2008.  It’s not of your own doing, so take time to thank God for giving us the grace to be among the living. Leave trivialities of 2007 behind and may the Grace of God be sufficient for you! (Amen). A big thank you to Kels for always being there – may you be blessed for being a blessing to me. SHALOM.


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