~ Remember when a nine year old boy was killed by 10 lions in South Africa? Well, a 36 year old man was attacked on Tuesday and devoured by 9 lions in the lodge where he worked also in South Africa. It is reported that he went into the enclosure where the lions were and they attacked him. Only his spine and skull remain. This is unimaginable. Thinking about it alone makes me shiver – NINE lions!!! May his soul rest in peace, Amen. Please this is real life, don’t believe the Hollywood movies where people fight lions – true talk, lions are dangerous and not to be messed with.

~ Nuhu Ribadu,  the guy that ran Nigeria’s attempts to combat financial crime and saw to the prosecution of seven former state governors – well Nuhu was given “by-force” leave. I’m not sure why but  I think its very shady. Word on the street is that Nuhu was told to tender his resignation in readiness for further studies – I’m not sure what they want him to study and why they chose now. We’ve also been told that there are no ulterior motives but I find that hard to believe– considering Nigeria’s  track record. I’ll keep you posted.

~ At least 13 people have been killed in attacks by gunmen on two police stations and a hotel in the Nigerian oil city of Port Harcourt. Several others are reported to have been killed in an attack on a night club in the city. Niger Delta militants have reportedly said they carried out the attacks and the vigilante movement is demanding the return of rice and cows seized during a raid of their base. OK – I’m sorry but Rice and Cattles is NOTHING close to ONE LIFE of a human. Pray for the Niger Delta region – at this rate only God can intervene.

Okay folks that’s all for now. Holla at me if you have anything interesting.


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