the state of health of the health sector

It so happens that the Minister of Health, Prof. Adenike Grange made a surprise visit to the University of Abuja Teaching Hosptal and the verdict…..DIRTY. She expressed concern about the current condition of the hospital and commented on the attitude of the staff. Apparently the wards weren’t at their duty post at the time that she visited.  

Surprised? Not really. This reminds me of when I visited the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital in January 2006. Just a few days before my flight to return to yankee, I started feeling feverish (what rubbish!). It wasn’t a joke sha and momsie decided that we have to go to a hospital as I couldn’t afford to be sick on the plane. As my mom would have it, we drove to LASUTH (don’t ask me why – maybe because it’s free for all). On getting there, it was something else – people lying on sick beds in the corridor (CORRIDOR for crying out loud!), I saw a man with a pipe that looked like it had abscess fluids in it, there was an accident victim, blood everywhere. The corridor was dark like something from refugee movie. We couldn’t find anyone to talk to and the doctor’s office was locked with toko-taya (I don’t know the English word for these locks) – Oga doctor was escorting his VISITORS to their car when he clearly had chaos waiting at his door.

Kia, kia, the sickness left my body “mommy…lets go, lets go…I’m not sick, I’m fine, oya, oya”. The rate at which we hurried out of the hospital, you’d think someone was chasing us. We got back in the car and started laughing…although you could tell our sadness. This was a hospital; how can lives be saved in such an environment?  


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