I read a story in one of my eng lit classes back in college. I don’t recall the details of the story but it was pretty much about an old man that was always lied to. People always fooled him and took advantage of the trust he had in them. He never suspected or argued and as the story prolonged, he became the “fool” to the readers. I remember thinking to myself how daft he was – a man who didn’t seem to ever learn his lesson. The story however ended with an unsuspecting twist that has stayed with me over time. It posed a thought provoking question; Who was the fool? – a fragile old man who always gave people the benefit of doubt or the people who kept misusing every opportunity they had to make right? I suppose most times goodness is often mistaken for foolishness; the goodness of a people that give their leaders a second chance; the goodness of a wife to take back her husband; the goodness that God shows unto his children.  Perhaps the one who takes goodness for granted is the fool after all.


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