Been thinking about writing; writing a lot for that matter; but nothing came through. Actually, a couple of things were hovering but never got to make it on paper, until now. I was worried about presentation and flow; trying to please you folks, give you a damn good read, you know? Well sorry, the sound of sentences hovering in my head is quite annoying and I can’t take it anymore. So let me start by welcoming the acting Executive Chairman of the EFCC, Mr. Ibrahim Abdullahi Lamorde. I’m sure this has restored peace to concerned Nigerians after Ribadu was allegedly forced to take a one year senior officers course at the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies by the Inspector General of Police, Mike Okiro.  Word on the street is that Okiro and Ibori (former gov of Delta state who is currently in prison facing fraud charges) are buddies – put one and two together…. 

Moving on, last week I found the most beautiful boy on Wall Street. I call him beautiful because handsome doesn’t do him justice – Besides the word handsome has been used so carelessly these days on some undeserving people. Our eyes met at the intersection of Broad and Wall…and just when I was feeling extra special with myself Ryzzle dipped his fingers in my French onion sun chips. Don’t get me wrong, Ryzzle is an attractive young man but he didn’t have to cramp my style like that.  Mr. Beautiful or McSizzle (McDreamy and McSteamy have been taken) as I like to call him looks like a trader….(IBD folks aint that pretty..oops). Anyhow, I hope to see McScizzle again, wink at him and invite him to the concrete park to share a gyro with me. Of course all of this will take place in my mind.  

On a different note, my friends and I are starting a program called the Education Outreach Program. Our goal is to send stationeries to children in public schools in Africa. Obviously, we would like to start with Nigeria where we have the most contacts and work our way up to other countries in the continent. We are currently working to get it registered with a 501(c)3  status so that people who donate can get tax deductions.  Naturally, I will be looking to my faithful readers for help. Let this be your good deed of the year and please let your friends/ family know about this initiative. It is time that we take responsibility for our own – you shouldn’t need much convincing.  We are currently working on a website and I would keep you posted as time goes on.  

That’s all folks…hmm, guess I didn’t have a lot after all. J



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