something to think about

Everyone is capable of thinking evil. Even scarier, everyone is capable of committing evil. I suppose the definition of evil itself is preconditioned by various exceptions and one offs, even more so by upbringing and the ever present instinct to survive – this too has exceptions attached to it. So what is it that sets people apart?  No one can claim that they haven’t had the urge to inflict pain on another, psychologically or physically. Maybe because that person irritates you so much and it will bring you joy (short lived joy) just to see the person in anguish.  But if everyone went about making sure the lives of others were a living hell, there would be nothing worthwhile to live for.  I speak this because I am no different and there have been times that I have been hurt and hurt in return. Truth is it hasn’t done me much good instead I find myself compounding bitterness to bitterness hence making my life unpleasant. I suppose no lengths are too far to attain peace of mind. For it is when I have peace of mind that I can show peace unto others. 

A little fact that I find interesting is the painting of the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo went in search for a young man that he would use as a model for Jesus and found a handsome healthy man. Months later he went in search for a young man that he would use as a model for Judas. He found one on the street, tattered and dirty and took him home to paint. When he was done painting the model, the young man recognized Leonardo and told him that he was the same man that Leonardo had used as a model for Jesus.  

Good and evil have the same face – just look in the mirror – but what sets us apart from evil is simply control by the grace of God.


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  1. edede says:

    muchos gracias seniora

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