e.magine this

They try to make her go to rehab and she says yes, yes, yes. Amy Winehouse the lovely ex-beehived-now-platinum-blond brit has finally decided to go on a sobriety journey. She, like other stars,  will do her stint in rehab and hopefully recover from her drug addiction. It’s a sweet irony (according to ryzzle). I hope she gets well soon…as in, I’m not expecting her to get 100% clean – it don’t work like that – but it will be a real shame to see such talent wasted.  

Steve Jobs has done it again – with his blue jeans, black turtle neck and smirk on his face – he announced the really really flat laptop. This laptops fits into a manila envelope (yep, it’s that flat). So flat that it has no CD drive, which sux ‘cause I can’t watch a dvd on it (unless I hook something up to somewhere and blah blah….na long thing).  

Bush has announced a packaged where $600 will be refunded to people who made less that $75,000 last year. Fantabulous!!!! But hold up, hmmm, the NJ path is going to increase fares and the George Washington Bridge will increase their tolls too…hmm and gas prices are not looking great and MTA is a bastard. Doesn’t this cancel out everything? 

Funny enough, the movie How she move is getting good reviews. This doesn’t mean that I’d pay to watch it sha. Atleast I saw You got served and trust me that is enough dance movie flick for the century. However, if you are on the fence (to see or not to see), I definitely suggest that you see it and let me know how it goes. On the other hand I strongly recommend Meet the Spartans, the previews are hilarious.  

Esta la vista ninos!


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