something i lack

Patience! And I wonder how I can remedy this issue fast. How can I quickly overcome lack of patience? The answer is never. I can never “quickly” overcome this issue. Maybe when I finally decide that I can not do this quickly, I will be taking the first step to actualizing my goal. It’s a big issue though…patience…of all things patience is what is giving me a headache. It really is giving me a headache – I have a headache right now. Yesterday I was talking to my friend and I had to take a second to say “one step at a time, one step”…I spoke to myself in the third person – one step at a time love, one step. I should probably do more breathing exercising. I remember this one time I attended a “good stress” workshop (at 21 I was attending a stress workshop, what the hell? – O! I forget it was work related), the guy giving the lecture told the class to take 5 minutes in every hour to relax…he then gave some breathing exercises, short breaths, long breaths, deep breaths – I’m doing them right now (aww much better – slightly – barely – no, much better).

Today I felt like slapping my oga; a serious back-hand slap – then I realized how bad the market is and how awful it would be if I didn’t have an ise. Even if the market was superb I still wouldn’t slap him – but I thought it, just imagine, SLAP – that might have remedied my headache. Don’t you wish you had super powers sometimes? ANNIHILATE! DESTROY! KICKASS COMBO! – How neat is that (hehe)? I feel better already. Okidoks, back to reality.


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