I have a laissez-faire approach to my investments – believe me, my approach can be compared to a blindfolded half drunk chic throwing darts in a Russian pub. My friends don’t even bother asking me…well, the friends that know better, which means I can go on acting like I know to the other 90%. This week has been one of those where I check out my accounts and see what I really have…pay my credit card debts and hope that I don’t buy anything expensive until further notice. Most times I’m not proud of myself because I feel like I squandered more and saved less but I have come to the conclusion that I am extra hard on myself; this might just be a consoling tactic but it works well.

Just yesterday I was looking into jewelry – trying to convince myself that they are GREAT investments…I saw this amazing ring on – amazing, close to $11,000. Omo, if to say money dey, I for no too think am. Not that I was looking for an engagement ring but for some reason after I got a manicure about 2 weeks ago I felt the urge to go full circle and get me a banging ass ring – Holla!. I’m glad it’s just an urge ‘cause it aint happening soon. But seriously, is it absurd to invest in jewelry? I think it makes absolute sense as long as you have a huge chunk of change in the securities market as well. There is nothing wrong with a bit of luxury and the sooner I start thinking like a star the better for the world – wink wink. One more thing for the guys, the norm is that the bigger your girl’s finger, the bigger the size of the rock, so fellas, make your big-fingered girl proud (that doesn’t sound


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