Since the lay-offs things have been a little spooky. Ghost offices, ghost cubes…honestly, I am not as affected as some folks are. I actually wanted to have a meeting in one of the ghost offices. The multi-media conference rooms were booked and I needed a PC and a room. The guy I was meeting with didn’t want to use the office; “I’d rather not” he said…it actually irritated me because he was the one who wanted to use a room as I didn’t mind meeting at my cube. I’d rather not what? He’d rather not use the office…well I’d rather not be fired so you need to get your act together so we can hold this damn meeting in order for me to meet my deliverables! Oshi!  

Life with a job is dejavu; for me at least…I woke up this morning, stared at the ceiling and I said to me “this crap happened yesterday”. It was the same ceiling, the same me, the same room, the same road laid ahead, the same path to work. That was when I realized that something had to give. “Good morning Es…Good morning” – the same smile, the same cordiality, the same people – I guess I can’t bet on that – I really can’t bet on the same people. I’ve seen so many faces come and go in my 18, 19, 20 month stint. Here today, gone tomorrow, cherish today, cherish tomorrow, cherish each day baby, don’t be in a hurry to grow up love. Ultimately it is good news when people leave for the better; like when super analyst got a better job on the street. I was truly happy for him. He is incredibly smart and such brains shouldn’t be dulling…he needed the change…I need the change. It’s like playing chess, yea, or should I say checkers – I play checkers not chess – what moves to make…how many crowns can I chop if I make that move?…how many crowns might I lose? I don’t mind losing crowns, as long as I don’t have a deficit…I’m not the only one thinking it.  

The ghost offices/cubes still remain; some say they are jinxed because of the many turnovers. I wish all ex-occupants well. I wish them the best, I truly do. I hope they find better jobs full of passion, I hope that less of their days are like mine but they wake anew to new life, new dreams…I hope they find hope in bearish days.


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