Hola! My Spanish class starts manyana….i’m psyched. How awesome is that? For all I know I might just end up dreading the class but I’d leave that for tomorrow. It’s just exciting to finally do what I wanted to do (remember that super duper list of mine?). So Spanish class is starting, I finished my pending exams, I looked into drawing school but I’m not able to attend the class of the guy I like just yet. I think he is a genius artist and I’d be such a thrill to train under him and I’m willing to wait for him…just him…him alone…until someone better comes along. Anyhow things are good. Saturday was a good day, Sunday was a good day, Monday is a slackerization day ‘cause I haven’t done anything productive at all (nothing, shi-shi, zero, zilch) but I’m loving it regardless. I just want to bathe in my current state of mind ‘cause it feels amazing, but given that life is dynamic and time waits for no one I am conscious that I cant slack for long.  

So what has been going on in Afrique of late? Hmmm, let’s see:  

Egypt won the African cup of Nations. YES! I didn’t want any other West African country to win after Ghana whopped our (Nigeria) behinds. As in, at work I had the Ghanaians and Brits laughing at me…what rubbish? In fact look at what someone im’ed me: Most disappointing team of the tournament: After serving up successive horror shows in their group campaign, Nigeria put us out of our misery by losing to Ghana in the quarter-finals. How can a nation with some of the most talented footballers on the continent offer so little on the big stage? I know our Super Chickens didn’t play well but I am naija4life and such insults can/should not be taken lightly. Habah! 

Yar’Adua vows to end fuel importation. Dude is supposedly meeting with the National Energy Council and they are trying to figure out how to stop fuel importation and make Nigeria self-sufficient in refined petroleum product. Apparently he plans to create private refineries around Lagos and so on and so forth.  STORY. I hate to be the cynic here but this one sounds like film trick. Niger Delta is still in and has been in a state of emergency for years. Until someone takes care of the compounded mess in our oil capital, we will continue to have problems with fuel. And why the heck would he want to build refineries in the Lagos area?

So there is this research group that ranked universities worldwide based on 4 “content” metric which include; the number of pages recovered from the four main search engines; the number of unique external links; the number of rich files to downloads; and a Google Scholar scoring of the number of papers and citations for each university domain. . Good news is that there are 4 naija universities on the top 100 African universities list. Bad new is that there are 4 naija universities on the top 100 African universities list. This is what I read; “Another unexpected finding is that there are only 4 Nigerian universities in the listing – University of Benin (42nd), Awolowo University (58th), the Pan African University (83rd) and the University of Ibadan (100th) – and one of them is listed last. With a national economy of the scale it is, you would expect its universities to be generating more work of this kind so the Nigerians are really the laggards in this particular race.” Let me just say that Benin rules – even if we came in @ 42nd! 

That’s all for now…Peace!


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