human/self interest?

You know those transparent cups of orange juice…those ones that they sell at them PAX, Au Bon Pan and the likes? Yep, I’m sipping from one of them right now feeling extra special with myself. I’m sipping with a straw too. The rubbish cost me $2.44 but its okay. I’m creating an illusion. It’s about perception and how I am perceived. The juice good too…taste like it might be Tropicana. The one I had at PAX yesterday actually taste like real orange juice but I wouldn’t go into the intricacies of how I arrived at that conclusion. Anyhow, I’m contemplating keeping my plastic cup and straw so I can buy some Tropicana from the store and reuse it. Tropicana is $3.50 and it holds more juice. Let the fooling begin.  

Been meaning to talk about a concern for a while now. About 2 years ago I got into an accident. I didn’t have a license then and I was practicing with popsie. Long story short I got into an accident. I hit a tree. Embarrassing. I remember a guy drove past laughing…that broke my heart even more. A tree, edede, tree! I was grateful that no one got hurt cos it was a pretty bad accident and the car had to be junked – yep that bad, air bags et all. Anyhow that one is not the story. You know when people recount their near death experiences and say “I saw my whole life flash in front of me” or “ I saw my late nana smiling at me” or “I saw a white light”…well, I didn’t see all that one. I saw a huge tree – huge, big ass tree as i accelerated into it. So I begin to wonder if people actually make themselves believe these things or if they think certain things will make their stories more interesting. Some might argue that well maybe it wasn’t a near death experience….ehenhen?…okay, I hereby present example number 2. I was in the Agege area with momsie. She had gone to negotiate the price of cages for her birds. Tired, we both got into the car; I was just happy that I was going to go home and chill. That is how she started the engine and proceeded to do a three point turn when the road was clear…all of a sudden GBOOOSA! A speeding danfo hit us and we went spinning on the road only to land on the other side, nicely parked. Nope, didn’t see any of the aforementioned either…just the hawkers who seemed to be in slow motion probably because the car was spinning really fast. So I’m just thinking, how far would people go to make a human interest story appealing?


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