Jesus wept! Dudes and dudettes, you won’t believe the gbese I put myself in. Okay o, so yesterday, I was sitting down in my cube jeje, when I got a call from one of my older friends (by older I mean 40s)…”Es, would you like to go to a concert with us?” (by us, she meant ppl 2ice my age or close). I was like, “emm, where, who, what time”…she replies, “its at madision square garden, a caribbean singer (something marshall), starts at 8pm, might last 2 hours”…I was a little hesitant at first…but I figured what the hell, I’ve never really been to a concert before…well except for that Majek Fashek one where momsie got into a spit fire with another woman over a chair – long story. “Sure, I’ll go”. Woohoo, rock and roll dude! 

So, today older friend ims me, “I ordered the ticket. Its $101.65 plus tax”….YE! 100 gini? Ni bo, si bo?  It’s not like I’m going to a Lupe Fiasco concert. I wont even pay 80 pa for that one sef.  As per bigger girl levels, I didn’t want to show myself…so I asked nicely, “101 each? Or collectively?”…she is like, “what do you think?”… na wa o, I was asking a simple question, so I go…”I don’t know I haven’t been to a concert before” – which is partially true. She goes, “really? Ok, its 101.65 each.”  

I wanted to cry. I called Sir-Real (the frugal master) immediately and poured out my heart! “NOOOOOOOOO! I can’t pay $101.65, I’m frugalicious dammit…I don’t even know who the musician is…what should I do Mighty Frugal One?” – well I didn’t say it like that sha but close… Of course Sir-Real felt my pain and after scolding me he told me to pay and this should be a lesson for next time. 101.65 pa – damn! This show better be good o…’cos I plan on saving a buck each day to foot the bill. STUPIDOS!

ps: this is where my rich friends come in handy…where are y’all when i need you?


4 Responses to gbese

  1. Imus says:

    Enjoy my Dear. You will not take the money with you when you die. It might need up being a very good experince. Keep you heart and ming open. You live once.

  2. Aunty A says:

    Girl, I read your story and I felt what you felt when you heard that price. I dont know why people are so inconsiderate not disclose that they are inviting someone to a hundred dollar outing and they are not footing the bill. The way the chica was inviting you, you would have thot it was free. Anyway sha…next time you go kuku ask her how much any event dey cost…even if na house party.

  3. lady JUA says:

    Lol na wow. you have made me laugh on a serious note . what kind person just they ask if you want go and not tell you how much de tix are. are you like front row or something. it is expensive. If it is a machel montano Concert you should have fun. they man they jam. i was jamming to him last night. Frugalicious tah… you only live once!!!!!

  4. edede says:

    LOL…thnx y’all…this story has part 2…stay tuned

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