stories in transit

Hola amigos!  Hope you had a bien fin de samana (good weekend)?  Speaking of weekends, one funny thing happened last weekend on the down town bound D train from Bronx to Manhattan. I had my sandisk on blast listening to naija gbedu when this dude gets on the train and sits adjacent to me. I looked away as usual, staring out the window…trying to catch a glimpse of more than my reflection. I’m not sure why, but I moved my head towards his direction and I saw him placing a $20 bill on the floor of the train. I caught him….then he smiled at me. So I was thinking to myself, is this dude trying to lure me with money? Is this guy okay? Is the money even real? Few stops later more people get on the train and among them was this woman and a boy – probably her son. The $20 bill was still on the floor – either no one saw it or they did and were ignoring it. I hoped that no one took the money so that this ridiculous experiment would fail. About 2 stops later, the woman and the boy get up, she sees the money, picks it up, puts it in her pocket and walks out of the train. I looked in shock at the dude, he looked back, and he dug his head in his newspaper trying to hide his laughter. I started laughing in return and both tried so hard to conceal that we both knew what just happened. Shortly after, dude planted another $20 note when no one was looking.  Unfortunately, I didn’t see the results of that experiment as I had reached my stop. We exchanged smiles as I walked out and I hoped that this time around no one would fall for his trickery. I walked home wondering if the woman was right by picking the money, but didn’t think much of it until yesterday. 

Yesterday, I came down from the greyhound bus and was walking towards the subway station when I stopped to detangle my ear phones and ear piece. A big guy in a black jacket walks past me and I notice that he dropped something. It was money but he hadn’t noticed. Just as I was about to do my good deed for the day a woman walks hurriedly towards the money, picks it up and walks towards the man’s direction. You’d think she was going to tap him as she was really close to him when she decided to go around him and keep walking. I was amazed. Clearly, she knew he had dropped it, clearly she has contemplated giving it back to him, and clearly she ignored her conscience. Amazing! I thought that this woman was inconsiderate and even worse that the woman in the previous scenario. At the same time, I can’t help but think that all is part of a grandiose scheme.

Were the women destined to pick the money? Who knows?


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