March 28, 2008


Yesterday I was trying to keep abreast of the happenings in the world. The article of interest was “Did Big Tobacco Taint a Cancer Study”…long story short, a researcher whose finding were published in the New England Journal of Medicine, was sponsored by a big tobacco company – hence, a conflict of interest. Anyhow, the article was dry and I was beginning to lose interest when my eyes drifted to the quote of the day on TIME.com that got me upset. The quote read;  

 “Doctors have discriminated against us, turning us away due to their religious beliefs.” 

What is my beef? The quote was by Thomas Beatie a married American man who used to be a woman before gender reassignment surgery, on the difficulty of securing care during his PREGNANCY (see picture above)!  

I consider myself a very open person but this is way beyond me…thoughts???


me apellido

March 25, 2008

I wasn’t sure how he mistook “GB” for “A”, especially when I made sure to spell my name in caps. He apologized time and time again, “I’m sorry” and I always answered “it’s not a problem”. Truth is, it really was a problem…at least at the time and clearly still is. I wanted him to correct the mistake on the system. I can’t bear to have another id with my name spelt wrong. He doesn’t know how to make the correction…”I’m sorry”. I begin to feel sorry for this young man. How many mistakes has he made in his life? At the same time I’m getting irritated and impatient though I do not show it. “Don’t worry about it…Its okay”, I walk out, even more irritated. How the heck did he mistake a “GB” for an “A”. I begin to think up different theories. Maybe it’s the American work ethic…or the African American Community…maybe it was just a mistake. I pause. I make mistakes too. Just this morning, I sent someone the same email twice and he replied asking “did you drink too much coffee this morning?”. I played it off acting ditsy “Ops! Sorry!!!Have a great day!!!!”. He made a mistake, we all do…but how the heck would anyone confuse a “GB” for an “A”. I am probably not going to let this slide so I look for reasons to justify my anger, ‘A name is important. Its an identity, an impression made, a blah blah’… This is going to be my conversation starter until something more interesting comes along. “Hey! Can you believe he spelt me name wrong?”…I’ll probably exaggerate the story and make it seem like I raised hell up in that joint “I was like, how you gonna spell my name wrong? You better fix that ish or I will get all ignant wiv your ass”…I’ll probably get responses from people telling me about occasions when their own names were spelt wrong and what they did to rectify it and alas the conversations might turn into a ball of lies and exaggerations for lack of better things to discuss. That wouldn’t change the fact he spelt my name wrong and the damn id in my wallet serves as a constant reminder.


March 24, 2008

I have about 8 plus minutes to right something before I get out of this joint. It’s been ages…20 days to be precise. It felt like forever (it really did). Anyhow, wetin dey? I lot happened during my 20 days in hiatus. Best believe I was pissed on some days, a lil ill on some, irritated on others, happy on some….you know the usual life stuff. I’m not writing much today sha. Just wanted you’ll to know that I am still alive and kicking…my mind still racing as usual…I think I will accept the fact that I really can do nothing to slow it down. My Spanish class is fantastic and I booked my flight to COSTA RICA! Yea baby – I guess I’m slowly crossing out stuff from my super duper list. Next week Saturday the famous Caribbean concert @ MSG and trust that I’ll have mucho informaciones for y’all…hmmmm….4 mins left. I guess that’s all for now…I will keep you informed! 


its oh so lovely

March 4, 2008

So I am waiting for Kels to come kick it with me and I try to preoccupy myself with stuff…so I end up eating a can of Royal Dansk wafers…its still my bday so its allowed (the blog works on GMT). Bottom line is I thought about spending my free time with you guys ~ partly cos all I want to do now is write…even if it’s a little. I’m so excited that my favorite new song is American Boy by Estelle featuring Kanye West…I’m thinking someone should remix some Nigerian Boy tunes on its…as in seriously, there is just something about naija guys…but then again, I’m quite bias. So what’s been happening? What’s really, really good? What’s the word? I’ll tell you what the word is on my end…MTshizzle and the Education Outreach Family (DeeOne, JLee and yours truly) have managed to gather over 2000 pencils and a number of books and other stationeries for the stationeries drive coming up…we are still accepting more donations – cash and kind – so hit me up if you are interested in our course. Just incase you have forgotten, we still have a lot of kids learning in Jakande building schools in naija and its sad that I almost forgot what it looks like to school in a public primary school.  

Okidoks…that’s all folks…so amma holla y’all tomorrow or sometime…safe! 

PS: A big thank you to all those that wished me a happy birthday…all of YOU. I appreciate the love, the support, phone calls, text messages and every time you click on edede to read my post, you make my day. Gracias.

feliz cumpleanos

March 3, 2008

I had cold feet as I took frigid steps to work on the first day of my 22nd year on earth. I literally had cold feet…didn’t have tights or socks on. I was fooled by the weather forecast. I heard that it was 45 and was going to progress to the 60s later in the day. It was actually in the 30s when I stepped out. On the train, my eyes didn’t wander, I was glued to my book, the Zahir, and I was plugged in to my sansa by that invention we call ear phones. I wasn’t happy or sad, I was…simply was on the first day on my 22nd year on earth. I had gone to bed pretty early, I didn’t sleep well so I woke up at 11:36pm on the 2nd day of the 3rd month of some year after the death of Christ. I was hungry, or maybe I just needed to munch on something, so I went to the kitchen and got me a pear – not avocado. I stayed up to witness the vigil on the eve of my cumpleanos…I resolved not to be imprisoned anymore by the numerous numerous things…I resolved to live… as I stared at my phone and counted down to 12:00 midnight, the day that marked the first day of my 22nd year on earth. “Happy Birthday”, I said to myself and smiled.