its oh so lovely

So I am waiting for Kels to come kick it with me and I try to preoccupy myself with stuff…so I end up eating a can of Royal Dansk wafers…its still my bday so its allowed (the blog works on GMT). Bottom line is I thought about spending my free time with you guys ~ partly cos all I want to do now is write…even if it’s a little. I’m so excited that my favorite new song is American Boy by Estelle featuring Kanye West…I’m thinking someone should remix some Nigerian Boy tunes on its…as in seriously, there is just something about naija guys…but then again, I’m quite bias. So what’s been happening? What’s really, really good? What’s the word? I’ll tell you what the word is on my end…MTshizzle and the Education Outreach Family (DeeOne, JLee and yours truly) have managed to gather over 2000 pencils and a number of books and other stationeries for the stationeries drive coming up…we are still accepting more donations – cash and kind – so hit me up if you are interested in our course. Just incase you have forgotten, we still have a lot of kids learning in Jakande building schools in naija and its sad that I almost forgot what it looks like to school in a public primary school.  

Okidoks…that’s all folks…so amma holla y’all tomorrow or sometime…safe! 

PS: A big thank you to all those that wished me a happy birthday…all of YOU. I appreciate the love, the support, phone calls, text messages and every time you click on edede to read my post, you make my day. Gracias.


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