I have about 8 plus minutes to right something before I get out of this joint. It’s been ages…20 days to be precise. It felt like forever (it really did). Anyhow, wetin dey? I lot happened during my 20 days in hiatus. Best believe I was pissed on some days, a lil ill on some, irritated on others, happy on some….you know the usual life stuff. I’m not writing much today sha. Just wanted you’ll to know that I am still alive and kicking…my mind still racing as usual…I think I will accept the fact that I really can do nothing to slow it down. My Spanish class is fantastic and I booked my flight to COSTA RICA! Yea baby – I guess I’m slowly crossing out stuff from my super duper list. Next week Saturday the famous Caribbean concert @ MSG and trust that I’ll have mucho informaciones for y’all…hmmmm….4 mins left. I guess that’s all for now…I will keep you informed! 



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