me apellido

I wasn’t sure how he mistook “GB” for “A”, especially when I made sure to spell my name in caps. He apologized time and time again, “I’m sorry” and I always answered “it’s not a problem”. Truth is, it really was a problem…at least at the time and clearly still is. I wanted him to correct the mistake on the system. I can’t bear to have another id with my name spelt wrong. He doesn’t know how to make the correction…”I’m sorry”. I begin to feel sorry for this young man. How many mistakes has he made in his life? At the same time I’m getting irritated and impatient though I do not show it. “Don’t worry about it…Its okay”, I walk out, even more irritated. How the heck did he mistake a “GB” for an “A”. I begin to think up different theories. Maybe it’s the American work ethic…or the African American Community…maybe it was just a mistake. I pause. I make mistakes too. Just this morning, I sent someone the same email twice and he replied asking “did you drink too much coffee this morning?”. I played it off acting ditsy “Ops! Sorry!!!Have a great day!!!!”. He made a mistake, we all do…but how the heck would anyone confuse a “GB” for an “A”. I am probably not going to let this slide so I look for reasons to justify my anger, ‘A name is important. Its an identity, an impression made, a blah blah’… This is going to be my conversation starter until something more interesting comes along. “Hey! Can you believe he spelt me name wrong?”…I’ll probably exaggerate the story and make it seem like I raised hell up in that joint “I was like, how you gonna spell my name wrong? You better fix that ish or I will get all ignant wiv your ass”…I’ll probably get responses from people telling me about occasions when their own names were spelt wrong and what they did to rectify it and alas the conversations might turn into a ball of lies and exaggerations for lack of better things to discuss. That wouldn’t change the fact he spelt my name wrong and the damn id in my wallet serves as a constant reminder.


One Response to me apellido

  1. Ronke A says:

    Lol. So ur ID says “Aiaogun”. It cld have been worse. (snickering). My sister, Damilola has her 401 K or pension fund under the name “Eamiola”. Beat that!

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