wonder, wonder, wonderer

April 24, 2008


Buenos dias!

There are a couple of things that amaze me…maybe someone can help explain them:


1.     The Path train – I am still amazed by how a tunnel was constructed to house train tracks underneath the Hudson River to link NY and NJ. I am a somewhat frequent rider of the Path trian and each time I get on it I have to remind myself that I am in the Hudson River. I suppose my bewilderment should apply to the Holland Tunnel too.

2.     Manufacturing plants powered by waste – True talk, there is an SC Johnson plant that uses energy from waste / sewage to power their manufacturing plant.  I don’t understand how this works.

3.     Cell phones – Believe it or not, I am still amazed by cell phones. It’s hard for me to imagine life without one…but in actuality, I didn’t use a cell phone until 2001/2 (I think). Just 6 plus years ago. The most amazing thing is the ability to incorporate various gadgets into one tiny cell phone, and they just keep getting smaller and flatter by the day. Sometimes, I wish I were a geek.

4.     Bestiality – I don’t understand the pleasure people derive from sex with animals. I just read in the metro today about an ex cop who has 3 counts of child molestation on his belt, and is also guilty of oral sex with a cow. Two years ago it was a boy having sex with his rottweilers – now that I can’t fathom. I’m sure you’ve all seen that picture of a man and a goat…if you haven’t yet, don’t worry. It’s not a pleasant sight.

5.     Turkey Bacon – yo no se!



earth day

April 22, 2008

 Google does keep me posted. I picked up my amny and metro to see that for some reason they themed around the environment…green this, green that. Only for me to log on to my i-google and realize that today is earth day (check out the cool picture from www.google.com). Happy earth day peeps, please be earth conscious…think twice before you print this (or whatever you think you should print). Do not drive if you don’t have to (walk, we need the exercise anyways). Use mugs instead of those Styrofoam cups (I should practice what I preach cos I’m sipping from one of those right now). Finally, do your best to make the world conducive for your children, children’s children, children’s children’s children, baby’s mama’s mama (what?)…you get my point.


Something actually caught my attention this week. NY is mandating fast food joints to indicate the calories associated with foods that they sell (do I make sense…I don’t think so). Bottom line, when next you go to a chipotle or cosi or pax (or where-ever), you will see the number of calories for each food option. I guess it could be a good thing and a bad thing. People are already getting calorie conscious and this might make it worse…any thoughts?




creepy mccreepson

April 21, 2008


Some guy I barely know coming to whisk me away from work for lunch??? Some call this romantic; I call it creepy. Moving on: Another one bites the dust today @ oh-job-of-mine. Quite a number of people have been biting the dust of late…3 people in 2 weeks? If that aint uber-attrition then I’m not sure what is.


I don’t have much to tell today (these things can’t be forced), but I’ve been itching to share a quote with you guys. This one is from a guy on 125th between Frederick Douglas (8th) and Adam Clayton (7th) avenues:


“they touch your tail?, huh? Next time they touch your tail without asking, bite they *bleep* *bleep* hands off”  ~ nukka to his dog on 125th St (harlem world baby)


Have a fantastic day!


brain dump

April 17, 2008


This is my brain dump session. I will talk about whatever comes to mind. I am frustrated. Not today…but I have been for a while now. And it sucks cos I’m not the only frustrated one. People say patience is a virtue, they tell me to wait, they tell me to persevere. If I hear those words again, I will scream. What if I don’t want to play it safe????? Well, I’m going to sha, because it seems like that’s what I end up doing…after I cause up a storm, I relax. It seems to be the order of things these days.  The Rollercoaster! We are all on it you know? I heard on the radio today that sometimes people are better off poor because that is what keeps them grounded. It is when we are lacking in some respect that we are drawn nearer God. It’s like there is a force that connects suffering to God. This is my analogy, it is when we are in our lows and we look up that we realize, “I’m effed up”. Just like one of my favorite quotes, “it is when it is dark that you can see the stars”…it is in suffering that we appreciate joy; because it is in suffering that we long for joy.


Welcome to my brain dump session. It’s funny how we don’t learn from the mistakes of our fathers. I was talking to a friend whose goal is to get all the education in this world until he is in his late 20s so he doesn’t have to work. Why? He is waiting to reach the age to run for office in Nigeria. Does this bother me? No, not at all. I am bothered by the fact that he doesn’t see anything wrong with pocketing half of a national contract money…”Es, its business, its like making a profit, if you are given 7bn and you can get the job done with 3.5bn whats wrong with keeping the rest for yourself”. I felt sick to my stomach and wondered what cultivated this sort of thinking. I was weak. But when I posed the hypothetical question to myself, I couldn’t give a good answer. All I know is that, if one goes into a project with the intention of pocketing half of the funds, how can one possibly get the job done…without being half assed?


The brain dump session; I left facebook. I felt it was necessary for me, for my sanity. My reason: I wanted to focus more on me and less on others. I want to know more of what I am doing and less of what other people are. Its funny though, as I was deactivating my page, there were various reasons, something like an exit survey…they included, facebook is causing me drama, I spend too much time to facebook…etc. I want to know how many people have been affected by drama facilitated by facebook. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not knocking down fb at all. Afterall, a gun stays safe until it is triggered, in the same token someone is behind every drama. Another reason I left fb? I think (and you are free to disagree) that many people have become really conceded with its help (the tendency was always there, they just needed the push) and others who cant afford the luxury snicker and cause (maybe I’m one of them). Besides I think I liked me better before fb.


But what do I know; I’m just the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

news updates

April 15, 2008


Prezo Yar’Adua is sick. According to Leadership Newspaper Abuja, “President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua took ill moments after he signed the 2008 Appropriation Bill yesterday and was consequently flown to Wiesbaden, Germany, for treatment. Yar’Adua was said to have been flown abroad for what is believed to be a kidney ailment. But the special adviser to the president on communication, Mr. Olusegun Adeniyi, told State House correspondents that the president traveled to see his private physicians for a medical review of an indisposition believed to be due to an allergic reaction.“ It’s a little evil to say, but people are actually happy that he signed the budget before his ailment. Lets pray for our Leader and hope that his health is restored.

I didn’t know about this one. Apparently there was N58.8bn Papalanto Power Project that was supposed to have taken off…need I say more? Investigations have revealed that there is zero level work on the Papalanto power project, even after the contractors were fully paid the sum of N58.8 billion. Some people are just daft…why would you pay in full before a job is completed. Arrant nonsense!

According to Vanguard “the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Idris Legbo Kutigi says there are allegations of corruption against some judges at the election tribunals. This again brings to the fore the apprehensions about the rulings of these tribunals, as well as their ability to serve their purpose – dispensation of justice. These allegations are not new. The House of Representatives Committee on Justice gave vent to them following petitions it got, in which there were allegations that as much as N2.1 billion has been spent in bribing judges at tribunals.” I suppose we are all used to this rubbish by now.

Here in the tristate area, NY, NJ and Philly, a New York City police officer robbed a bank in Pennsylvania on Thursday and made off with $113,000 before he was arrested, according to the police and a criminal complaint. He has been suspended from the force and the NYPD are conducting their own investigations.  (HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEE…) Even I know of better ways to steal as a police officer…all he should have done is redistribute the dope that’s kept in evidence room (I learned that from American Gangstar).

That’s all folks. For more news check out, www.allafrica.com ; www.nytimes.com



April 14, 2008


It is my humble opinion that;


Agbani Darego is too skinny and doesn’t look as good as she used to

Many young Nigerians in the states are making massive waves

The NSE (Nigerian Stock Exchange) has a long way to go

Many politicians start off having good intentions

Boyfriends have the tendencies of becoming distractions

Not all facial scrubs are a waste of money…

Any facial scrub that cost more than $10 is most likely a waste of money

People should stop at nothing to enhance their personal history

Ladies should drink more red wine

Armed robbers are made not born

Status is overrated

Buildings with TRUMP on them do not all belong to Trump

Sexy is in the eyes of the appealed

Aliens exist, and I am one of them (ask the Department of Homeland Security)

Decision making is hard, hence many people are indecisive

People who accommodate stupidity aren’t all stupid

There is always someone smarter out there

Sacrifices are not always welcome, but are necessary

Selflessness seizes to become selflessness once it is advertised

If you look deep enough, you will meet the hater in you

Even mediocrity has its uniqueness


abuja na wa

April 10, 2008

FCTA, Churchgate Plan 50-Storey Shopping Mall

Leadership (Abuja)
10 April 2008
Posted to the web 10 April 2008
By Golu Timothy

FCT administration has concluded plans to partner with Churchgate Group of companies to construct one of Africa’s biggest shopping malls in Abuja.

Modibbo said this in his office while receiving the management staff of the Churchgate Group of companies led by its chairman, Mr. Bhagwan Mahtani.


The minister said that the multi-billion-naira 50-storey shopping mall, with twin towers, would be located at the Constitution Avenue, beside the proposed Abuja Transportation Centre in the Central Business District of the Federal Capital Territory.

His words, “Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory has comparative advantage for having prime location as the capital of the most populous country in Africa, therefore any investment in this regard will surely get investment recouped immediately”.

Umar reiterated that this was part of the innovation of the FCT administration, in addition to the planned multi-billion naira Abuja Boulevard project, to make Abuja the world’s tourist and conference delight.

While calling on the Organised Private Sector, especially foreign investors, to take advantage of the conducive business climate in the Territory to invest in Abuja, the minister remarked that Nigeria can not be undermined as the greatest economy in Africa.

He noted that the enormous investment opportunities available in the Federal Capital Territory to genuine foreign investors who are interested in doing business in Nigeria.

The minister assured the company of his administration’s continued support and cooperation.

According to him, “project like this would go a long way in providing employment opportunities for the ever increasing number of people that come in the Federal Capital Territory on daily basis”.

He directed the managing director of the Abuja Investment and Property Company, Dr. Abdul Muktar, to in conjunction with the FCT Counsel-General and Secretary of Legal Services Secretariat, Barrister Muhammad Ma’aji Alkali, draft relevant laws that would give teeth to all the decisions reached at the meeting.

Speaking earlier, Mr. Bhagwan Mahtani assured the FCT administration of the readiness of his company to construct the planned gigantic building that would capture contemporary culture similar to that of Beirut, the Lebanese capital, where such bazaar was constructed by the company.

He disclosed that the proposed shopping mall would have shopping, entertainment, recreation, auditorium and cultural centres that would give Abuja an edge over other capital cities around the world.

The chairman said that the shopping mall would have cultural and structural foci that would make it the tallest building in Africa, along with its economic and social attributes.