It was a little odd for me this morning. Here I was trying to type a cover letter and oga was trynna pally up with me, talking about, how are you today, how is your weekend and all that type of conversing that should be between friends. Okay, I’m tripping but still it was a bit odd. My weekend was good though I felt huge guilt on Sunday. I was supposed to go to Von on Bleeker for my Spanish buddies’ double birthday fiesta, one turned 41 and the other tuned 30, but I was so tired and ended up crashing. All the same, the weekend was cool…chill and Jo’s party was nice…very chill, mellow…very grown and sexy I must say. Thumbs up chic, you did it!



So America now knows about the pregnant man (thanks to Oprah – damn Oprah) and the sentiments of the people are the same across the board – anger, confusion, discombobulated (my new fave word). I just pray to God for mercy because we have wronged him and taken his grace for granted. Bottom line, American aint ready.


The Machal Montano concert I went for on 3/28 was awesome. It was worth the money, as in f’real. I have never seen such dedication to fans. Machal was amazing on stage and very engaging and trust the Caribbeans to always bring the house down. MSG was parked with people, young and old, beautiful and not so beautiful (fine boys…fine fine…no, I don’t think you understand…as in, foinnnnne guys), let alone the amazing hair styles that ONLY the Carribeans can rock. To top that, Pit Bull, Mighty Sparrow and other Caribbean acts from across the carribean islands graced the stage. Omo, e be like sey I go go next year.


Tutoring on Saturday was nice. It wasn’t as bad as last week because little Miss McAnnoyance couldn’t make it. McAnnoyance is one of the kids i tutor math but this child can be so haaaaaaahuuuurrhhh – words can’t describe. Missy gives me a head ache. I always have to negotiate with this child “behave or I wont give you ticket”, “time out”, “be good”…. Most times I have to suppress the urge to slap her and tell her to ‘kneel-down-hands-up-and-close-your-eyes’. Who says punishments isn’t good? It sure worked well for me. I appreciate the education I have each time I go and tutor these kids …how can a 13 year old not know the 2 times table??? At thirteen I was already in SS1!! It’s just amazing. Something has to give because at this rate black kids are being behind. E go beta.


Lastly mo n wa se. So keep your eyes and ears open for a well paying marketing/business development gig.






One Response to chinchilling

  1. Ladyjay says:

    Glad to hear that you enjoyed the machel Concert. did you go to any of the after parties. i heard they were wicked. Glad that you enjoyed the mellow atmosphere of my party and thanks for coming through. As for the pregnant man. i noticed people watching Oprah last week and had no clue what they were watching. the same man was featured on 20/20’s medical mysteries. matter fact they featured two other men who were pregnaat and had children. why is this all over the news?

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