It is my humble opinion that;


Agbani Darego is too skinny and doesn’t look as good as she used to

Many young Nigerians in the states are making massive waves

The NSE (Nigerian Stock Exchange) has a long way to go

Many politicians start off having good intentions

Boyfriends have the tendencies of becoming distractions

Not all facial scrubs are a waste of money…

Any facial scrub that cost more than $10 is most likely a waste of money

People should stop at nothing to enhance their personal history

Ladies should drink more red wine

Armed robbers are made not born

Status is overrated

Buildings with TRUMP on them do not all belong to Trump

Sexy is in the eyes of the appealed

Aliens exist, and I am one of them (ask the Department of Homeland Security)

Decision making is hard, hence many people are indecisive

People who accommodate stupidity aren’t all stupid

There is always someone smarter out there

Sacrifices are not always welcome, but are necessary

Selflessness seizes to become selflessness once it is advertised

If you look deep enough, you will meet the hater in you

Even mediocrity has its uniqueness



4 Responses to op.e.nion

  1. Edede's sister says:

    Are these your thoughts?.. makes some sense!!

  2. denny says:

    i feel you on this one. especially people becoming a distraction…i so feel u on it..

  3. edede says:

    edede’s sister – they are my opinions
    denny – i feel me too

  4. Imus says:

    edede’ sister that is a funny name 🙂 you could not find somtin else?

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