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Prezo Yar’Adua is sick. According to Leadership Newspaper Abuja, “President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua took ill moments after he signed the 2008 Appropriation Bill yesterday and was consequently flown to Wiesbaden, Germany, for treatment. Yar’Adua was said to have been flown abroad for what is believed to be a kidney ailment. But the special adviser to the president on communication, Mr. Olusegun Adeniyi, told State House correspondents that the president traveled to see his private physicians for a medical review of an indisposition believed to be due to an allergic reaction.“ It’s a little evil to say, but people are actually happy that he signed the budget before his ailment. Lets pray for our Leader and hope that his health is restored.

I didn’t know about this one. Apparently there was N58.8bn Papalanto Power Project that was supposed to have taken off…need I say more? Investigations have revealed that there is zero level work on the Papalanto power project, even after the contractors were fully paid the sum of N58.8 billion. Some people are just daft…why would you pay in full before a job is completed. Arrant nonsense!

According to Vanguard “the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Idris Legbo Kutigi says there are allegations of corruption against some judges at the election tribunals. This again brings to the fore the apprehensions about the rulings of these tribunals, as well as their ability to serve their purpose – dispensation of justice. These allegations are not new. The House of Representatives Committee on Justice gave vent to them following petitions it got, in which there were allegations that as much as N2.1 billion has been spent in bribing judges at tribunals.” I suppose we are all used to this rubbish by now.

Here in the tristate area, NY, NJ and Philly, a New York City police officer robbed a bank in Pennsylvania on Thursday and made off with $113,000 before he was arrested, according to the police and a criminal complaint. He has been suspended from the force and the NYPD are conducting their own investigations.  (HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEE…) Even I know of better ways to steal as a police officer…all he should have done is redistribute the dope that’s kept in evidence room (I learned that from American Gangstar).

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